Rural healthy shopping – unload groceries with me [Video]

by Amanda Frolich

Hello all! I hope you have an excellent Labor Day. On my day off, I am happy to take the time to invest in my favorite projects, including Life in Bloom. I’ve now moved to Valley, South Dakota, which is at least a 30-minute drive from the nearest grocery store. If I aspire to shop for healthy staples, like the ones shared in the video below, I’m an hour’s drive from Rapid City, South Dakota. So, as you can imagine, I was happy baby When I got home and had a box of goodies to unpack.

I knew it would be a perfect opportunity to document some of the healthy food I would do my best to get and could find in rural areas, like Sodak. Items like jackfruit, coconut tortillas, coconut milk, nuts and seeds, and ready-made gluten-free crackers complement the often accessible fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. If you’re curious about what I’m eating or what food I think is worth the one hour drive, check out the video below.

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Mandy Frolich

Source: Life in Bloom

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