Running and Eating Weekend Updates

Hello! How is it going? I have a quick summary of running, eating, and…repetitions this weekend. Oh, and I finally heard a good book. Thank God. The last two weren’t Bueno – I needed a good listen!

First… let’s talk about running.

Run Aug Update Blog

The long-term

I embarked on my long trek this weekend with a track in mind and almost got frustrated when I was this TRAIL CLOSED brand a few miles from it. I haven’t run this route in a while, and I’m not very familiar with the streets in this area, so I got a little nervous when the turn took you out onto the street.

Luckily there were a few cyclists going by at the same time and I knew I had to run super fast to keep up with them and follow them wherever they went!!

Then I remembered two things:

a) I was going for a long walk and needed to adjust myself and run smart

b) There’s no way I could keep up – they’ve been flying!

But I watched where they were going to figure out how to find the rest of the track.

Long term notes:

  • I miscalculated the distance and ended up in my car about 11 miles away. I was going back to add another 3 miles but my feet were starting to feel a little sensitive, so I ended up getting back in my car and hitting 12 miles. Despite that, I felt good! Cardiotically, I finally feel stronger, as if I’m back in a running state.
  • Foot notes (ha!) – It’s hard to describe what I mean when I say my feet felt sensitive…it’s not really painful. It’s definitely not an intense or absolute feeling. There is only a slight tingling. It’s a little tight feeling and makes me tread a little differently than my usual ‘baby’ walk. <- This is not good as you can injure other areas of your body if you change your gait in favor of one side.
  • I felt fine after that, but I was really worried about it. You just entered 4 Disney races!! It scares me to think she got hit again. Aaaa and that makes it worse because I often have physical reactions to stress. Stress can contribute to stress fracture.
  • This has happened a few times since I broke my foot. So on the one hand (feet?) I need to remember that and relax.
  • But… when I first injured my foot, it didn’t actually hurt at first. The first signs were just a little tingling and my feet felt some swelling in my shoes. Since it didn’t hurt I kept running – completely unaware that those were signs of a stress reaction. It ended up after a few days.
  • Related – Diego pulled me like a freight train from hell on our Friday walk because he saw his best friend (Ben). He listens very well when I walk with him most of the time, but if he sees Ben – he’s a 100lb wild animal. <- I remembered this Sunday when I was trying to think about what made my feet feel sensitive. (We never found out exactly why the break was in the first place because it didn't appear to be an overuse injury. I think there was definitely a Diego element to it.)

Moving On: I do all the recovery stuff to help my feet feel 100% and take a few extra days off. Will report with more.

I spent most of the weekend with my little brother Matt. Our parents went to Yosemite so Matt and I decided to throw a huge party at home.

Except for a “huge party” I mean – I went to bed early and we washed our cars the next morning. nerds.

Run blog update August 21

In what I take in the news…

I have a large stockpile of groceries at Costco and have stocked up on my favorite things…

Yes, those are two watermelons in my cart. Do not judge.

Run Aug Update Blog

And Kevita Kombucha is registered at just 99 cents store. It made me very happy.

Run Aug Update Blog

We hit Yogurtland and saw this new flavor – Milk n’ Fruity Cereal. I’ve seen this delicious combo everywhere and it makes me want to make another batch of Cereal milk!

Run Aug Update Blog
Run Aug Update Blog

Back home, I realized that someone (read: died!) had left a few from many different pills. This was perfect!!

You can make a file Cereal milk smoothie recipe With your favorite flakes or a mix of leftovers. bubble.

Diego News

Diego’s Weekend Update: When he’s not acting like Santa Claus and his name is Rudolph, he picks up the pinecones on our walk. He used to do this all the time as a puppy, but he stopped for some reason. I would love to see her

Run Aug Update Blog

In audible news…

I just finished Eliza Begins a Rumor by Jane L. Rosen.

I am so grateful that I was finally included in a good book after the last two outbreaks. I listen to books on audible While running or eating or repetition and could have easily finished over the weekend. I memorized the last hour of my Monday morning workout.

I’ll have a review of the last three books I listened to (including this one) to publish on Wednesday. Stay tuned!

In running news meme…

I posted this in Instagram (@RunEatRepeat) I wanted to share here. It’s funny because it’s true.

Tweet embed

Running is like an onion…every layer smells like and sometimes makes you cry.

keep going forward:

hang it

What do you think?

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