Rub the chest with DIY eucalyptus essential oil (for sore throats)

Rub the chest with DIY eucalyptus essential oil (for sore throats)

Have you ever used essential oil for a chest scrub?

It is a traditional method for relieving cough and cold.

Here’s how it works. . . You massage an essential oil chest scrub on the upper part of your chest. Then you can either lie down and inhale the soothing essential oils, or you can sit down, keeping your collar open and open for the scent to reach your nose. Some people even put a towel over their heads to concentrate the scent of the oils.

As you inhale the oils, your body also absorbs them.

I love to use fresh, permeable oils like eucalyptus oil in my chest massage!

Camphor essential oil for chest massage

Camphor contains an ingredient called 1,8-cineole, Which can relieve tight, congested areas and soothe cramps – including the spasms in the throat that trigger a cough.

1,8-cineole can also help:

  • Break up mucus
  • Hold your breath
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Boost immunity
  • Fight the presence of germs and microbes

What a strong oil, isn’t it ?!

This chest scrub recipe contains eucalyptus and 3 other essential oils that can soothe chest tightness and sore throats. I find it very helpful if I help someone manage a spastic cough – the type of cough that comes on suddenly and doesn’t want to stop. (This type of cough may wake you up at night.)

Here is a recipe for essential oil for a chest scrub:

Rub the chest with eucalyptus and chamluc essential oils

  • 1.5 oz (45 ml) jojoba oil (Simmondsia chinensis)
  • ½ 1 oz (14 g) beeswax (Sera flavor)
  • 14 drops of eucalyptus essential oil (Eucalyptus globulus)
  • 10 drops hemlock essential oil (Tsuga canadensis)
  • 8 drops of catnip essential oil (Nepita Kataria)
  • 4 drops of bergamot essential oil (Citrus bergamia)


  1. Prepare the burner melting method. Try using a Pyrex measuring cup in a soup bowl that is about ¼filled with gently boiling water. (Make sure it is not boiling so hard that the water spray gets into the measuring cup.)
  2. Melt the beeswax in the measuring cup.
  3. We add jojoba and melt it with beeswax. Gently stir with a glass stir bar or stainless steel spoon.
  4. Take the mixture off the stove and add the essential oils, stirring gently.
  5. Pour the ointment into a 60ml jar or container.

The chest scrub with essential oil will be ready to use in about 15 minutes, but will continue to hold for the next 24 hours.

Rub the chest with eucalyptus and chamluc essential oils

Essential oil sprays will be an excellent companion to this recipe. In between applications of your chest scrub, you can take out your inhaler and use it as needed. This recipe is from our blog It is useful for tightening chest and sore throats.

About the other ingredients in this essential oil chest scrub

Hemlock essential oil

Tsuga canadensis

Hemlock it contains α-pinene, A gentle yet powerful ingredient that soothes swollen and inflamed areas. It helps soothe your throat and reduce cramps (coughing). Α-Pinene is also known to provide powerful respiratory support.

Catnip essential oil

Nepita Kataria

Catnip-Yeah, Which – which Catnip is a traditional oil to relax sore muscles.

it contains Nibitalactone, Which may explain why its traditional use is so effective. In studies, nepetalactones were observed to have an anti-inflammatory effect on painful, tender, and anxious areas at the same time. It’s a soothing addition to a chest scrub!

Bergamot essential oil

Citrus bergamia

Bergamot Rich Linalool And the Linyl acetate.

I’m always happy to see these two ingredients side-by-side! They have a variety of sedative effects and work well together.

In this chest scrub recipe, it helps calm the nervous system, reduce spastic coughs, relieve tension from the chest, cleanse congested areas, and reduce mental stress so you can rest.

Comfort up!

If your chest and throat are sore, remember to take it easy. Get plenty of rest and fluids, and don’t hesitate to reach out to your medical care provider if needed. Meanwhile, relax with your chest scrub recipe.

Protect your family from colds and flu with essential oils

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Karen Williams, RN, Certified Aromatherapist and Educator

Karen works as Associate Director of Education at Aromahead Institute, where she works closely with students and assists them in obtaining aromatherapy certification. Karen’s strong values ​​of healthcare, education, and sustainable practices have guided her entire career, and remain the principles that shape her daily activities at Aromahead. Karen loves to share her knowledge of essential oils and how they can enhance the beauty of one’s journey in life and she has authored numerous articles and guides on safe and effective therapeutic uses of essential oils. In Karen’s free time, you can find her taking a walk in nature, reading and having fun with her family.

Karen Williams, RN, Certified Aromatherapist and Educator

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