Review: Big Green Egg remains the ultimate charcoal grill

We are talking about. You’ve likely heard of the Big Green Egg from famous dig masters and barbecue enthusiasts alike. Founded in 1974, it’s definitely not the new kid on the block, but we’re here to tell you how this emerald beauty drastically changed outdoor barbecue preferences, and why this cook has persisted over the years.

Methods like propane and wood pellet grills are undeniably convenient. But cooking over charcoal imparts a smoky flavor and an irresistible charcoal that is insurmountable (in our humble opinion). It’s not without its flaws, though. Charcoal grills are difficult to light, and obtaining accurate temperatures for different foods is very difficult. These are just some of the reasons why an old school charcoal grill has collected rust over the greater part of a decade. The Big Green Egg fixes those pain points and then some.

A large green egg
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What is the big green egg and why we love it

The Big Green Egg is a camado-style charcoal grill, which refers to its heavy-duty ceramic shell. The design helps circulate and retain heat better than standard grills and stoves. It comes in various sizes. We picked the big eggs – which weighed about 200 pounds, and was built like a tank – because we’re so fond of feeding neighborhood friends and spreading the joy of an epic barbecue. The Big Green Egg sits on the Nest + Handler, which you roll easily (even with one hand), and hold it in place with double wheel locks. We outfitted with solid EGG Acacia wood tools to accommodate cutting boards and exit trays. Overall, it is a very attractive setting.

A large green egg
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When it comes to setup and performance, the Big Green Egg is simple yet sophisticated. Most basic charcoal grills have a very basic ventilation hole at the top, and the design is pretty dull. But the lower ventilation shaft of this giant can be modified to be fully open, fully enclosed, fitted with a grille or any combination of the three. This ability to control airflow below the heat source – combined with a cast iron hole above the heat source – makes temperature control easy. It takes a few tries to master the base-to-top flow blend, but after you get a feel for EGG it’s easy yet subtle – something we’ve never seen with charcoal before.

The brand’s lump charcoal is recommended, and honestly, we don’t think we’ll cook with anything else. It really is delicious, not to mention that it ignites easily and stays hot for hours. We also indulged in convEGGtor (which is ideal for indirect cooking) for foods we wanted to smoke a little more, not overly charred – like asparagus, artichokes and even a cast-iron skillet filled with olives.

A large green egg
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The outside temperature gauge is accurate, and by flipping the ventilation hole, you get the EGG pleasant or mellow according to your need. They are an excellent addition to your backyard cooking range. Our office sits next to a wood-fired grill and wood-fired pizza oven.

The Egg is all the talk of our outdoor get-together with friends and family – and it looks like it will be that way for many years to come. From ribs to pork ribs, from brisket to seafood, and from burgers to sausages, the Big Green Egg is the epitome of good roast. The only thing you have to decide is the large (or small) size you want with your EGG.

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