Review: Balmuda The Toaster Is All It Cracked To Be

I know you think this headline is click catching, but I’m not bothering you. I only used the Balmuda The Toaster once before I put the two Cuisinart strips under my arm, went down the stairs of my four-story hallway, and left it on the sidewalk with a note saying “It works!” I felt like I had left a child on someone else’s doorstep. Well, maybe more like trading my 2009 Honda Civic – a bumper – for a Porsche 911 Carrera – elegant, glamorous, and crafted to perfection.

I had my doubts: How much difference could a toaster really make? Just wait and see. I’ll do it all, but Balmoda will blow your mind as a beacon to Style and design.

Balmuda The Toaster glows during use
Balmuda The Toaster glows during use Courtesy Image

What is the roaster Balmoda?

Think of an oven toaster untold. This Japanese-made appliance uses steam to transform the roasting process. Add 5 cc (1 mL) of water with the attached measuring cup – more like a cup fit for a Chihuahua – to the inlet at the top of the machine before each use (except for setting the oven). This water is transferred to the boiler heating element, turning it into steam, which circulates inside the chamber, creating a layer of moisture that envelops the bread in a small, damp embrace. Place the bread top face out either on a toasting rack or baking tray for anything that might drip (like a pizza). Do you know how every loaf has a peak? You want it closest to the toaster door.

Since moisture heats faster than air, the toaster cuts the outside while trapping the moisture on the inside. The result? On the inside it is airy and fluffy, and on the outside it is crisp and crunchy. I’m not a scientist, so I can’t tell you why but it looks like this method not only preserves the aroma and flavor but also returns it … like the bread that was just pulled from the belly of the oven.

This isn’t a one-dimensional toast that makes the slices tough and flavorless (or worse, burnt). Since you can set the mode and the corresponding toast time, you avoid burning; Temperature control is the game-changer here. Add a little olive oil to the pita bread the next day and voila – the toaster revives the softness of the pillow. It’s breathe new life into that densely sorted bread crystallizing in the back of the freezer. Oh, and the old cakes of those days are starting to dry up and harden? Warm, crumbly and light after a few warm minutes.

Toast made with artisanal status at Balmuda The Toaster
Toast made with artisanal status at Balmuda The Toaster Courtesy Image

Why do we love it

You don’t have to be an iron chef to enjoy really good kitchen appliances. In fact, we’ve been arguing if you’re not an exceptional cook, investing in a toaster oven is just the smartest thing you can do – especially since Balmuda The Toaster is so handsome and versatile. It sums up the Japanese design; The aesthetic is minimalistic, the structure is rugged yet comfortable, and there is an association with nature. During use, the interior room is lit in a warm orange color, like coals of a wood fire. Ports and door are nice heavy but not resistant or sticky. You’ll find yourself standing in front of its window and watching your slice of bread transform. It’s charming and very satisfying, without actually putting the effort into baking.

Toast with butter using a Palmoda toaster
Toast with butter using a Palmoda toaster Courtesy Image

Now for the job. Bread is bread and butter, but you have different mode settings depending on the carbohydrates.

  • Bread sandwich mode: Slices of anything from Wonder Bread to Dave’s Killer Bread 21 wholegrain, seeds, and English muffins. Medium temperatures warm both sides evenly; No need to flip or rotate. Try Banana chocolate toast.
  • Artisanal baking mode: Slices of a large and lovely rustic loaf like rye, sourdough and the like. Medium to high heat produces a crispy exterior and a slight light medium. Your bruschetta and Avocado toast It will never be the same.
  • Laying the pizza: Bagels, toast with toppings, and pizza (room temperature, chilled, or frozen) get a dose of high heat to melt cheese and crunchy toppings like pepperoni. Give Toast, meat and cheese going.
  • Pastry mode: Cakes, croissants, danish, and tortillas – any type of good cake baked at a moderate to warm temperature without browning. They make Ice cream on toast with toasted berries, chocolate and olive oil.
  • Oven mode: Cookies, lasagna, fries, frozen foods … Really this is a mixed bag as the function simulates an oven. Remember, there is no water / steam. The toaster can bear 350, 400 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit for cooking or baking. You can take Fondant chocolate In 15 minutes.

A lust-worthy kitchen that has the power to justify aesthetics, Balmuda The Toaster is a huge plus whether you gift or buy for yourself.

[$329, available in black, white, and gray;]

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