Remote Travel Ideas: Best Small Plane Adventures

life is highway? Not with these cool airborne adventures. You see, the sound of silence is just a quick plane ride. And in these cases, big flights come with small planes. Watch our favorite mini-plane adventures for those looking for it isolation.

The Best Small Jet Adventures Across North America

Middle Salmon River, Idaho

To reach the best Middle Fork of the Salmon Riverهر-You have to fly. From laying in the Indian Creek, Whitewater Rowing 100 downhill rides in several miles during a week perched on one of the most remote areas in the Lower 48. The end is marked by the 3,000-foot granite cliffs of the Impossible Valley. Middle Fork River Cruises He takes you there on Cessna 205.

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Hiking along the Talkeetna Mountains in Alaska
Hiking along the Talkeetna Mountains in Alaska Nadine Lehner / Cholingu Travels

Talkeetna Mountains, Alaska

Many Alaska destinations include choosing via glaciers Or bushwhacking – Talkeetnas don’t ask for either. Hikers here navigate open tundra surrounded by jagged peaks, forming a trailless path through rivers and mulberry swamps where grizzlies graze. After a week in this treeless place, the roads look strange. Chulengo . excursions It arrives at Cessna 185.

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Kayaking on Lake Brassoa in Min
Kayaking on Lake Brassoa in Min Jerry and Marcy Monkman / / Alamy Stock Photo

Lake Brassua, Maine

In the woods of northern Maine, Birches Resort Rowers fly to Brassua Lake, a remote 9,454-acre paradise arriving with 1947 owner John Willards Piper Super Cruiser PA 12. Today hikers use kayaks and boats He hid along the shoreline to explore the open waters flanked by the Canadian Appalachian Mountains and narrow tributaries where deer, moose and bear roam.

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