Regular troops go to the bars and 7-Eleven in Dallas to vaccinate the “younger crowd” at random

by Tyler Durden

For most of the past month, the national media has been full of headlines denouncing “vaccine frequency” as rates of coronavirus infection continue to decline. This could happen amidst dire “warnings” “Obstruct” Herd immunity goals, local and federal health agencies are busy pouring massive resources into vaccine promotion campaigns. The United States has surplus doses of the coronavirus vaccine on its hands, and those days when people wait for hours to be stabbed are long gone. Dwindling demand forced governors and mayors to innovate, Washington Post Observed this week.

But one initiative in Dallas County, Texas goes further than anything we’ve seen so far, and as many have noted on social media, it is right. Creepy and weird at that Rudely forced optics. Texas opened completely long ago, bars and restaurants are now crowded, but vaccine sites are not, it seems. So naturally, Dallas County Health and Human Services (DCHHS) thought it would be a good idea Go to bars with vaccinations … Along with the uniformed US Army National Guard soldiers.

On a crowded Friday night in a Dallas neighborhood that is widely called the “live music capital of North Texas” The personnel of the US Army entered the popular places, Including random stores (as shown in the video), to coercion Convincing unvaccinated individuals b Get a hit on the spot.

So now we’re going to give the COVID vaccine to someone inside 7-Eleven – This is what community service and community vaccination look like, “says a video clip.

HHS Dallas County showcased its efforts in a short clip on social media that shows two US Army soldiers in fully camouflaged clothing surrounding a senior health official in Dallas.

“We are also going out tonight to manage COVID-19 to block visitors in Deep Ellum,” Twitter said.

“With vaccination, you will be able to enjoy going out again knowing that you are safe and protected” – except of course, people in the popular nightlife district this past weekend were totally comfortable with “going out again” to have a good time. A local CBS-DFW news clip about the new Dallas HHS-National Guard campaign said Dallas County Hoping to attract the “younger crowd”.

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Not only were several uniformed Federal Soldiers guarding a “pop up” vaccination table on Deep Ellum Street, but they were photographed going inside Places Confrontation To meet people.

The local CBS affiliate confirmed the campaign “Targeting” young people (As explained above in the initiative’s local news coverage).

“Specifically where young people are,” as “the US Food and Drug Administration announced this week that it is expanding the licensing of the emergency use of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to those aged 12 years and over,” CBS said. A senior Dallas health official told the broadcaster: “That’s why we’re here.”While standing behind him, uniformed soldiers.

The soldiers asked one clerk from 7-11 who agreed to receive the shot: “How does it feel to be vaccinated here, at work, by American soldiers?”

Then the man praises the benefits of being a US citizen – something that poses some serious questions in light of the bizarre visions of the entire encounter between jabs and a fairly recent immigrant to the United States …

For starters, when The “vaccination crew” made up of uniformed soldiers randomly address the citizens saying that they “need to get vaccinated” … Do individuals understand that the whole thing Selection And not Authoritative mandate? Will (in the video example) a recent immigrant to the country or even a new American citizen understand the nature of the meeting?

But of course that seems to be the point …

Since February 24 [Dallas] It served as one of many federal vaccination sites run by the US Army and the Federal Emergency Management Agency with the goal of increasing immunity in disadvantaged and extremely vulnerable communities, ” Dallas Morning News Previously wrote.

With the increasing frequency of vaccines, and with the announcement of the strange new President Biden about it “Those who are not vaccinated will end up paying the price.” Is the new “creative” strategy revolving around “strength” in terms of serious federal power in the room (or on crowded nightlife streets) for more pressure?

Are the forces carrying vaccines coming to a neighborhood near you?

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