Real Good Guys, Father’s Day Countdown 5G/EMF/RF

by Patricia Burke

“The biggest polluting component of the Earth’s environment is the spread of electromagnetic fields. I consider that a much greater threat at the global level than warming, or the increase of chemical elements in the environment.”- Robert O. Baker

The best time to work on this was decades ago. The second best time is now.” – Attributed to David Breen

Everything King Midas touched turned to gold, including his daughter

Society is rushing to connect everything to an artificial wireless network that can provide 24/7 access to instant gratification and faster, more ubiquitous remote connectivity.

The dual challenges of climate and coronavirus are used to justify accelerated action, to meet the “emergency”. Urgent political response to emergencies devoid of critical analysis translates into predation The catastrophe of capitalism, with politicians agreeing with industry that bypassing human rights, and having no precautions, monitoring, and response, is justified.

The mass culture has not yet reached the tipping point in recognizing that unlimited wireless Internet access is an artificial freedom, created by Risky costs.

With its power to alter the blueprint of life for every living creature on Earth, what if wireless is in fact the greatest multiplier of the anthropomorphic damage imposed on the planet and beyond?

Sow on the moon or plant with poison to make a profit

For centuries, humanity has been moving further and further away from realizing, understanding and honoring nature’s abundance, creation, generosity and democracy.

For example, instead of farming with the moon, erratic farming creates and sustains the demand for chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, fumigants, fertilizers, etc., resulting in soil damage, less nutritious foods, and the economies of poison for profit, which he identified The work of Vandana Shiva in India Bt cotton opposition to Monsanto.

After losing recognition of our relationship with the natural environment, humans create a highly primitive, inappropriate, discriminatory, and destructive EMF environment that satisfies a craving for nature’s control and power over one another.

Trees and animals show important signs that the human race does not understand. We know for sure that human electromagnetic radiation is slowly eroding the health of living things: animals, plants and humans. It is imperative that society as a whole addresses this serious environmental and health problem.” Alfonso Palmeraie, my life. Independent Wildlife and Electromagnetic Field Researcher, Spain

Wireless is not an ‘ecosystem’, humanity is an ‘invasive species’

There is no such thing as a “wireless ecosystem,” though industry has used the term (along with the idea of ​​solar and wind “farms” on land or sea).

These terms are marketing strategies used to reduce public resistance to corporate and technocratic agendas, by attracting emotion and emotion at the expense of critical thinking. (David Charalambos It works to help activists identify and disarm these tactics.)

Some of the men in our Father’s Day series come forward to protect their daughters, sons, parents, and partners from King Midas’ outcome; Some protect their health, others protect their property and communities. They are fathers and fathers and sons and brothers and uncles and friends and colleagues, and they are all on the right side of history, in a society that has lost its tendency to lie and its role in determining science and technological progress.

Human artificial frequencies have increasingly been associated with an artificial “cloud” rather than the Earth, with a loss of recognition of the laws of nature that govern health.

What we also lose is being for ourselves, for others, and for nature itself. Mind-body health and integration are at an all-time low, with humanity’s head in one place, and the body in another. We actually lose some of our innate abilities, for example, navigation, map reading, calligraphy, patience, delayed gratification, and strategic planning.

The imposition of wireless is a manifestation of entitlement and colonialism, taking resources, and violating human rights.

Courtesy Art Image Truth

Much larger conversation is needed about how and when technology is useful, especially wireless technology, especially as it doubles as a financial, surveillance and control network.

“The Internet was a great idea until it went wireless.” – Stephen Magee

While the promise of Internet connectivity is real, and there have been examples of benefits in an emergency, being prepared for an emergency does not mean that society needs a 24/7/365 wireless connection for normal communication, especially when a wired connection indoors is safer and more secure, for example in homes schools, hospitals and workplaces.

Nor does it mean that the industry should get a free pass for health and environmental concerns, which is the emergency on which such aggressive and coercive exposures are based.

As Pamela Steinberg notes, “Radiance without representation is tyranny.”

The Internet acts as a sucker for many, and a deeply addictive model for others, including children.

Covert manipulation of moods and rewards, as well as censorship by social media, are yet to be understood and addressed for their implications for social control. What is being promoted as “freedom” for unlimited data plans is in fact, and increasingly, a predatory and watchful network that restricts perception, understanding, and empathy.

It seems that we are in the process of quantifying the amount of restrictions that society will bear, under the illusion of freedom.

We see that the issue of “choice” has been reduced to nonsensical discussions, for example, how much to charge for opting out of a smart meter versus whether or not the meters are appropriate in the first place, or how to address historical preservation using stealth design elements rather than Investigate serious health complaints.

Wireless is a form of pollution It grows exponentially, with frivolous and wasteful applications, while leading to numerous violations of human rights and the environment, in contrast to the overuse of chemicals described by Rachel Carson decades ago.

Dominant cultures have separated cultures from their moorings for centuries

“It is not a health measure to be well adapted to a severely ill population.” – J Krishnamurti

The “church” took control and cut off the calendar from nature centuries ago, in order to change and control the behavior of the masses. The path of separation only continues.

The re-emergence of biodynamic agriculture, slow food movements, and other efforts give hope that balancing efforts can take hold.

In the world of wireless, the use of power is increasing all over the world. The demand for ownership over wireless infrastructure deployment is accelerating. Exploiting other countries (conflict minerals, e-waste, Evo Morales expelled from the lithium mine in Bolivia) mounts too.

The antidote to challenges on Earth is not the colonization of Mars.

The antidote is to return to grace with the times and cycles of the planet, and restore our human right to a healthy environment.

This requires a humble realization that the health of the environment and humanity is encoded in the natural electromagnetic environment.

It starts with withdrawing our support for the burgeoning abnormal human wireless footprint, and recognizing that the demand for ubiquitous 24/7/365 wireless access is implanted greed.

Emergencies vs. “Go and See”

“We are now entering the era of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) where all our devices will be equipped with Wi-Fi, endless communication with each other and with us through so-called smart devices. This ‘Brave New World’ dictates that human exposure to radiofrequency radiation must be Increases exponentially in order to assimilate technology.This is a planned world being created by technocrats who are completely ignorant of the reality of our biology, an ignorance only reinforced by current standards/guidelines for thermal effects.Now, more than ever, we need new biologically relevant standards to counteract future challenges. – don’t miss

The wireless agenda advances under the power of lies, the equal rights facade (the digital divide), and the mask of sustainability.

The hope of healing human kindness is very simple; We remove our beliefs, decisions, and actions from under the power of lies.

And this is how connecting buildings, protecting others from unnecessary exposure, rejecting 5G phone, and opposing the seizure of land, homes, curbs and rooftops for more transmitters are acts of integrity and courage.

The power of this tsunami can recede, if we do not contribute to it, share it and support it, and if we do not blindly agree.

“Statistics are human beings and their tears have been wiped away” – Paul Broder

“Three things cannot be hidden long: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” – Buddha

“Here comes the sun.”

Wireless Safety Tips From Canadians to Safe Tech

The top and bottom image and a borrowing of King Midas by artist and scholar Flo Frisman

Stop 5G International: Global Day of Protest and a Call to Globally Synchronized Solstice Imagine Meditation, moving forward from a higher perspective

I wish you a lot of success in your weekend events and events to stop 5G and reimagine a better way forward!!! Keep us informed and send us all ‘events’, big and small, to post and ‘amplify’ on social media and website. For more information about protest and meditation and to submit photos, please visit For more information and photos of the protests, visit Global action to stop Facebook group 5G.

Meditation Instructions:

The recording of the guided meditation in mp3 format lasts for 18 minutes; Please start listening to the recording 11 minutes before 3:32 (UT), i.e. 3:21 UT. (or at another convenient time for you). This will correspond to 20:21 PST (June 20); 23:21 ET (June 20); 04:21 in the UK (June 21); 05:21 in most of continental Europe (21 June); 13:21 Sydney, Australia (June 21). You can find your corresponding local time at world clock.

Download an MP3 recording of guided meditation

Through inner vision (solstice meditation) and continuous outer actions (GPD), we can succeed in making this world a world in which all living things thrive.

This is the epilogue of the 5G series for Father’s Day that you can read in full Here.

Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and advocates internationally for new limits for biologically based microwave radiofrequency exposure. She resides in Massachusetts and can be reached in [email protected]

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