RadRover 6 Plus is a turbocharged electric bike

At the height of the epidemic – and in the midst of the gym closing – many people fled indoors, buying Factions and others home fitness equipment. But the other boom has been in e-bikes, because they allow for longer rides and more carry; If you’re not driving and feel trapped, why not go to the store and come back? Yes, there has been an overall cycling renaissance, with bike sales on the rise 75% in 2020But e-bikes were the epicenter of that explosion 145% since 2019It is expected to double as a percentage of the total US bicycle market by the end of this year. And in the US, no company has been more willing to preach e-bikes than RadPower.

That’s because they stick to some basics that really appeal at scale. For one, they have fat tires. The latest machine, the RadRover 6 Plus, has 26 x 4-inch knobs. That sets the Rads apart visually, sure, but there’s a stealth advantage to fat tires: balance. If you ride a heavier trail bike, you’re less likely to tip over – especially if you’re not a “cyclist” and will avoid the Lycra-clad Tour de France look. This fleshy rubber sticks you to the road, making Rad bikes easier to pedal, and when you’re not bothered by a crash, you enjoy riding more.

The 60mm suspension fork on the RadRover 6 Plus isn’t critical, but if you’ve ever punched a hole in a hard bike, you know that a little cushion removes hand sting from jumps and road creases.

The RadRover 6 Plus gets a built-in display with visible metrics, like power output and battery life. Speaking of power, you get a powerful 672Wh battery and an improved hub motor for improved mojo for hill climbing and longer range between charges.

Two electric fat bikes in the garage
RadRover 6 Plus and RadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru photo courtesy

RadPower says the new battery on its latest bike is better integrated into the downtube, and you’ll notice that it doesn’t crash yet, so the bike feels more refined. He. She He is, However, it is designed to appear when you park and lock your bike. Thefts have also increased as bike sales have ballooned, so being able to get away from your (enclosed!) bike with the battery removed and carried in your backpack is a disincentive to potential thieves.

RadPower also says that the new engine in the 6 Plus increases hill-climbing prowess, resulting in 25 percent more torque. Rads may be common, but this (as with most of his bikes) is pretty heavy, at 73 pounds. This is great, even for an e-bike, so you need all that extra output.

Climber wearing rock climbing shoes with electric bike behind him
The bike’s 60mm suspension fork and 26″x4″ make for a comfortable ride, no matter the terrain. photo courtesy

One weakness of RadPower’s bargain pricing structure, which typically keeps its bikes well under $2,500, means cutting some corners on features. They’ve always used cable-operated disc brakes, for example, when your bike is really heavy, it simply doesn’t offer the stopping bite you want. Finally, the new 6 Plus got hydraulic discs with 180mm rotors. This is great, especially if you are trying to turn off your light at a red light on a rainy day.

One head scratcher here that we don’t like is the top speed of 20 mph. In many states, the legal limit for getting assistance is 28 miles per hour, so slow (class 2) blackouts are a noise killer. You’ll still get where you want to go, but in choppy traffic, keeping up with the red-green-light interval often requires rolling over at a faster pace.

However, RadPower has added one selling feature that may interest buyers more than any other: USB output. Now you can charge your phone while riding. This is on other e-bikes as well, but usually at a higher cost. So, once again, RadPower earns by giving you the good stuff without asking for the equivalent of a down payment for a used car.

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