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In recognition of May is Women’s Health Month, We are hosting prof the new Dialogue series Focus on … – Focus on for women Health and a woman Fitness professionals. Hosted by members of the ACE team, these inspiring talks Explore the challenges faced by women in the fitness industry, Title Importance the acting And providing insightful advice to aspiring fitness professionals.

This series is aimed at Ace’s speech continues Around justice, diversity Inclusiveness by Inflate Sounds From the female Fitness professionals. to me 2018 article by MVP Sports ClubsAnd the The vast majority of Personal trainers, health coaches and group fitness coaches are women. The same article states that men outnumber women on most executive teams in the fitness industry, especially in CEO positions. This disparity between working fitness professionals and female fitness industry executives is just one of the challenges we face. By women in the fitness industry.

In the second installment, he spoke to ACE expert Araceli De Leon Maxi-Blassini, MS for its innovative approach To health training and how it focused its business model on supporting underprivileged communities that usually do not have access to health training services. Maxi explains his impact on society.

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