Products for a healthy scalp: They fight dandruff and hair loss

You want healthy Poetry? Treat your scalp like an asset. These tips will help you get rid of chips. Hair loss, And everything else you check. After all, the key to “doing better” starts at the top of your scalp – and some simple products.

1. Polish your dome

Scrubbing your scalp once a week removes dead skin, excess oils, and product build-up. To prevent dandruff, use a scrub that contains antimicrobial and anti-fungal ingredients, such as tea tree oil or sea salt. “You reset the scalp’s environment, the same way you wash your hands after touching any damaged surface,” says celebrity educator Melissa Desarati, who helps clients like Henry Golding stay ready for the red carpet.

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Lumen Advanced Skin Repair
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2. Treat yourself

After the peel, DeZarate suggests a weekly treatment. “Think of applying this as feeding your scalp a vitamin that will keep it happy and healthy,” she says. Apply one with soothing ingredients like ceramides and tea tree oil to washed hair for 10-15 minutes, then rinse.

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Davins shampoo
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3. Try a new shampoo

Get rid of dandruff with a weekly antiseptic shampoo. “You’ll get rid of all that build-up of hair products at the end of the week,” says DeZarate. I am looking for one powered by Antioxidants And anti-inflammatory ingredients to straighten and calm your scalp, follicles and hair.

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Head & Shoulders Ointment
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4. Rethink your ointment

If the dandruff problem does not go away, reconsider your problem the design Producer. “Thicker products like pomade or wax can irritate or aggravate your scalp if you don’t clean it properly,” DeZarate says. Fortunately, some brands make conditioners with anti-dandruff ingredients that coat your hair and prevent hair loss in one stroke.

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Mantel SPF
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5. Don’t skip the SPF

If you are bald or baldIt is important to use an SPF moisturizer to prevent burns and maintain smooth but firm skin. “Even if you wear a hat, get used to it on your bald head,” Desarate says.

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