Prescription Glasses

If you have an eye exam, your doctor will give you a prescription for eye glasses. The prescription will contain all the numbers as well as symbols, letters and letters that will tell you which lens type you should order. You can order glasses from an online store that accepts prescriptions or from a retailer.

If you haven’t had an eye examination in a while, it’s a good idea to go back and get a new prescription before ordering cheap glasses uk. A valid prescription will ensure that your new glasses fit perfectly on your face.

Two numbers are usually listed in prescriptions. These numbers are referred to as meridian points and show how farsighted or nearsighted you are. Each number is diopter. You have a particular amount in each eye. For instance, if your prescription reads -1.00 -0.50 X 180 you will have some degree of nearsightedness in both eyes, or possibly a tiny amount of myopia (nearsightedness).

An optical lab produces prescription lenses. That lab will take the measurements of your doctor and transmit the information to a lens maker, who then grinds the lenses. The glasses are then shaped and centered exactly to your eyes.

The cheap glasses online will then be coated with a special coating that lets light pass through, but does not interfere with your vision. Polycarbonate is lighter, safer, and more durable than traditional glasses.

Frames are created to match your eye color and shape. They are an opportunity to show off your individuality or draw attention to other aspects of your style. Frames are available in a variety of shapes and colors.

Some eyeglasses have tinted lenses to match your hair color or skin tone. You can also choose of polarized or color-changing glasses that cut down on UV rays that enter your eyes.

Ask your eye doctor for advice if aren’t sure what type of lens to get. You can also browse the options at the local store. Some retailers let you test the frames before you make a decision.

The best frames to match your prescription can be difficult, as you need to think about your face shape and the kind of frame that best fits your style. You’ll also need to select a frame that looks best on your face, and also in relation to the rest of your outfit and jewelry.

You can also pick frames that fit your personality and lifestyle. For example, if you’re a sporty person then you may need glasses that are lightweight and sleek. You might also wish to feel more comfortable in your glasses.

Online prescription glasses retailers offer a variety of styles, including lesser-known brands. Some sites provide virtual try-ons that let you upload a picture of yourself to see how the frames look on your face before purchasing. Some also provide a free return policy and a 6-month, no-scratch promise.

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