Potential blow to masks (and deportations) and numerical evidence the COVID pandemic was not present (UK)

by Peter Tucci

Despite the hypothesis, the study mentioned below should largely resolve the issues of mask (and distancing). If not, then we may have testimony to the power of propaganda over truth.

Face Masks in the Era of COVID-19: A Health Hypothesis

Med hypotheses. 2021 Jan 146: 110411.

Posted online 2020 November 22. doi: 10.1016 / j.mehy.2020.110411


Current scientific evidence challenges the safety and effectiveness of wearing a face mask as a preventive intervention for COVID-19. The data indicate that medical and non-medical face masks are ineffective to prevent the transmission of viral and infectious diseases from person to person such as SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, which supports the use of face masks. Wearing face masks has been shown to have significant negative physiological and psychological effects. These include hypoxia, hypercapnia, dyspnea, increased acidity and toxicity, activation of the fear and stress response, elevated stress hormones, immunosuppression, fatigue, headache, decreased cognitive performance, predisposition to viral and infectious diseases, chronic stress, anxiety and depression. . The long-term consequences of wearing a face mask can lead to a deterioration in health, the development and development of chronic diseases, and premature death. Governments, policymakers, and health organizations should use a sound, scientific and evidence-based approach to the wearing of face masks, when the latter is seen as a preventive public health intervention.

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Also, in hypothesis The eighth sector:

Given the fact that asymptomatic or mildly asymptomatic cases are several times higher than the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate (CFR) is much less than 1%. [5]. This was confirmed by the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases from the United States saying, “The general clinical consequences of COVID-19 are similar to those of severe seasonal influenza.” [5], Case fatality rate close to 0.1%. [5]And the [6]And the [7]And the [8]. In addition, data from hospitalized patients with COVID-19 and the general public indicate that the majority of deaths have been among older and chronically ill individuals, supporting the possibility that the virus may exacerbate existing conditions but rarely cause death on its own. Himself [9]And the [10].

The statement of the hypothesis must be modified with three facts that cannot be refuted: 1) There is no study proving the cause – it appears to be just an assumption (anyone?) 2) The scandalous misuse of PCR testing globally with Many courses Applied; And 3) Most importantly, PCR is not feasible to diagnose / confirm infection due to the inability to determine the subject’s viral load.. Not to mention, the European version wasn’t even formulated on the SC-2 virus. Please see the section Confirmed COVID Cases? at “5G” Hysteria Times Corona Hysteria is equal to Hysteria Squared

Also, the term “asymptomatic cases” is used. He suggests that this is just official nonsense invoked to promote the fear of asymptomatic transmission (now revealed). While the most likely scenario is immune function It actually worked And there is viral waste floating around the test, giving the classic false impression.

COVID scam:

Dr. Vernon Coleman (England): Video:

Final and indisputable evidence that the Covid-19 pandemic never existed – 12:20

Copy below, three notes:

He says:

Since March 2020, I have indicated that the government has officially reported that the Coronavirus has not been more deadly than influenza. The link to the official guide on this is on both websites …

This link isn’t really as “ static ” as one might think from the statement, so I’m showing a story about COVID being removed from the list of high concern by the 4-nation UK Public Health Service before the massive lockdown there. This may be what he’s referring to, not sure Covid-19 has been “decommissioned” by UK health authorities – 29/3/20


And last week, The Guardian confirmed that top UK government officials estimate that at least 2 to 10% of positive results may be accurate.

As noted, Even a minute Positive results will be meaningless.

And the:

We have to remember, of course, that there were almost no official deaths from influenza. The flu appears to have mysteriously disappeared in the period of time when the Covid-19 virus was present.

[Probably speaking of UK, not global. US info isn’t easy to pin down, but it is much easier to find flu vaccine info than flu info 🙂 And the warning that it’s more important than ever to get your flu shot. Have fun with this page. – pt]

If you scroll down This page On the Coleman website, you’ll see two free eBooks that might also be helpful. I haven’t looked at either of them, so I’ll leave the vetting process up to all of you 🙂

Transcript of the video:

I’m fed up with the lies and misconceptions that have spread about COVID-19 over the past 12 months. I lost count of the ways politicians and journalists tried to mislead the public.

One of the most rusty lies is that the number of people dying in the UK was much more than usual last year – from Covid-19.

The hospital counselor I spoke to two days ago was adamant that the higher total number of deaths proves just how serious COVID-19 really is. He was wrong of course.

Even if the number of deaths is higher than usual, this does not mean that the deaths were caused by the Corona virus. Much was due to the lockdowns and the number of deaths due to untreated cancer, heart disease, etc.

But doctors and journalists seem to want to believe lies because they are more understandable than truth.

So let’s take a closer look at the official statistics proving that the COVID-19 pandemic is a hoax.

First, the total number of deaths. The UK Office for National Statistics reported that the death rate per 100,000 inhabitants was 1,016 in 2020.

This is not out of the ordinary.

For example, twenty years ago, in 2000, the crude death rate per 100,000 was 1,031.60. Death rates vary from year to year, and I think they will rise in the next few years due to hospital ward closures and the fact that 4.7 million Britons are on waiting lists and many of them will wait more than a year to receive treatment.

But the evidence not only shows that the death rate in 2020 was not exceptional, but the number of deaths from Covid-19 was similar to the death rates from influenza. Government figures also show that NHS hospitals have never been more crowded, crowded, or overcrowded.

In fact, the numbers show that hospitals have been quieter than usual. I have cited all of these numbers many times. The staff had plenty of time to make fun little dance videos.

Since March 2020, I have indicated that the government has officially reported that the Coronavirus has not been more deadly than influenza. The link to the official guide on this is on both websites And the

Fact-checkers cannot argue with that.

Since the start of this trick, I’ve been saying that covid-19 is just the yearly flu brand and is better marketed.

Figures from the UK government prove this to be true. And I suspect numbers around the world show the same story. Doctors everywhere have forged death certificates – sometimes because they or their hospitals receive a reward for listing deaths as stemming from COVID-19 rather than cancer or circulatory problems.

It made it clear nine months ago that in the United States, the CDC realized that most of the deaths listed as being caused by covid-19 were, in fact, caused by something else.

But let me now prove to you that covid-19 is, statistically speaking, not more deadly than annual flu. (Incidentally, patients who have had the flu can have problems for months afterward – just no one called it a “ long flu. ”)

The current total number of alleged deaths from covid-19 in the UK is claimed to be 127,000.

Everyone with brain tissue knows this number is ridiculously high.

But I can prove that the total deaths are no more than expected due to influenza – using the government’s own figures.

Official COVID-19 numbers are being compiled from 2019 – and should be folded indefinitely. It is not the way that this kind of stats is handled. So 127,000 covers two winter seasons: winter 2019/2020 and winter 2020/2021.

So, we get one year of covid deaths we divide 127,000 by two.

This runs at 63,500. If the BBC’s fact-checkers used a calculator, they would eventually be able to get the same number.

Now, two days ago, the Office for National Statistics produced numbers showing that 23% of coronavirus deaths were of people who died from the coronavirus, not from it. I think 23% is sadly low, but it’s the government figure so let’s use that for now.

Now if the BBC’s fact-checkers pulled out the mini calculator again, they would find that 23% of 63,500 is 14,605.

And if they use the same calculator again, they see that 63,500 minus 14605 equals 48,895.

So here we go.

The total number of alleged deaths of covid-19 per year, each season, stands at a maximum of 48,895 – according to special government figures.

Now that’s a tragedy of course.

But the government stated that the total flu deaths for 2017-2018 were 50,100.

This is their sum, not mine. The Daily Mail reported that 50,100 deaths were blamed on deadly strains of influenza that spread between December and March.

You will notice that influenza deaths are usually measured during the flu season – the winter months. Spring and summer deaths are not included.

So, let’s go back to the Covid-19 deaths in the last two winters: an average of 48,895.

We have to remember, of course, that there were almost no official deaths from influenza. The flu appears to have mysteriously disappeared in the period of time when the Covid-19 virus was present.

Now we have the evidence that COVID-19 is a hoax. scam. tricked. Cheat. tricked.

Masks, lock-ups, social distancing, and test punches were all superfluous.

In 2017/2018, there were more deaths due to influenza, common influenza, or garden flu, than deaths from the Corona virus in the winter seasons of either 2019/2020 or 2020/2021.

These are official government numbers.

A total of 50,100 people died from influenza in the 2017/2018 winter flu season.

A total of 48,895 people have died from COVID-19 each of the past two years.

Fact checkers can puff and puff all day long but won’t find a calculator that makes 48,895 bigger than 50,100.

Oh, and one last thing.

Government death figures are largely based on positive results obtained through COVID-19 tests. If someone dies within 60 or 28 days of testing positive for covid-19, then according to the government, they die of covid-19.

Again, I’ve been arguing about what for decades seem to be the numbers ridiculously high because they include so many false positives.

And last week, The Guardian confirmed that top UK government officials estimate that at least 2 to 10% of positive results may be accurate. So up to 98% are false positive results.

So, here you go

The definitive proof that the COVID-19 pandemic never existed.

It was a hoax. The new flu appeared. The virus was there. But there was never a pandemic.

The problem for fact-checkers around the world is that all the facts that I have reported come from the UK government.

Please share this article with everyone you know. Send copies to everyone you can think of.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2021

Peter Tucci is a retired massage therapist and wellness consultant with an enduring interest in exploring “managed” history, infamous secret agendas, neglect in mainstream / mainstream news media, distortion and repression.

© 2021, Peter G. Tucci. All rights reserved

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