Political narratives and ‘urgent’ decision-making – Covid, climate, censorship, and homegrown terrorism (Part 6)

by Patricia Burke

When setting off on the highway, suddenly there is a road ahead…. This is where drivers merge and change lanes, where conflict and tension can build up, and where accidents can occur.

Is humanity at a similar juncture? Are life choices being curtailed in fewer paths?

In the real world, when lanes are reduced, most drivers slow down. Unfortunately, in the current political climate, the natural tendency to slow down and exercise caution is overridden by the justification of urgent “emergency” measures.

We’ve been down this road before.

We see: The Book of Missing Treatments

One way of looking at the world, where politicians in the leading party are working hard to address the dual challenges of COVID-19 and climate change, is that human behavior is confined to fewer corridors – due to the dual challenges of COVID-19 and climate change.

Another way to see the world is through societies Supposedly Working to adapt to the dual challenges of Coronavirus and climate change, These are justifications To enforce changes It has nothing to do with health (“Covid”) or the environment (“climate change”).

At what point does an individual begin to question a story?[1]

How does one test the hypothesis that one of these paradigms is prevalent?

More importantly, if justifiable legislation to address health and climate concerns is chosen through other priorities, then what is the path we are on and where are we going?

Covid, climate and counting the funds of?

Several writers have warned that the real terrorism operating behind the political scenes of the dominant parties is the fear of economic downturn.

From the point of view that financial growth is the priority, actions that ignore environmental concerns, or support specific interests, are good decisions, such as the idea of ​​a Mars bombing with nuclear weapons. [2]

From this point of view as a priority for economic growth, censoring voices of caution and rational decision-making is an appropriate measure.[3]

Publicity and profit

In terms of speeding up communication to treat nearly every community disease, those groups and individuals who advocate a slower path, demand caution, point out the downsides of “fewer passages”, or report harm, for example, through unsafe exposure, Portray them as “conspiracy theorists.”

The marginalization is directed at those who question the assumptions behind the planned “progress”, for example, in the operation of the utility grid. The expression of the greenwashing threat to sustainability is being met with disgust by environmental groups, as well as politicians.

How and why were certain assumptions about EMF / RF / 5G programmed into the public’s minds, resulting in such polarization?

How was the idea that 5G opponents believed that “5G waves spread Covid-19,” thus setting the infrastructure on fire? Who is benefiting?

Are the groups and individuals involved in the 5G network arsonists and conspiracy theorists?

How many reported infrastructure fires have been investigated, with evidence showing that opponents of 5G networks have been found guilty of arson?

Where did the term “conspiracy theory” originate?

According to Sally Painter Writing’s TopSecretWriters.comAnd the

The term conspiracy theory mentions all kinds of connotations that range from the weird to the crazy. These associations with the phrase were intentional, which is exactly what the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) intended. According to Zero Hedge, the term conspiracy theory was created by the CIA in 1967 as a way to discredit anyone who dares to challenge their official version of the truth.


The idea of ​​a conspiracy theory appears to be the brainchild of the CIA was first exposed in 1976. “Myself” and “CS” were marked on this connection. Psychological abbreviation refers to psychological processes or what is known in the modern world as disinformation. CS was the abbreviation used for their Secret Service Unit. [4]

Source: htps: //

After recent political events, the United States is moving to address the “current threat of domestic terrorists,” unlike terrorists from other countries. This will entail removing further protection of citizens’ rights in a democratic society, building on the changes that accelerated after 9/11. This includes a large-scale, covert, citizen surveillance organization via the Internet of Things (IOT) and 5G. This movement has progressed towards human rights violations under both political parties, simply using different justifications. Good person / bad offender / polar rescuer between parties is considered irrelevant and inapplicable as current health exposure limits in place for many toxic exposures.

Censoring conversations as well as suppressing emerging science about health and environmental consequences, regarding any initiative of concern about the Coronavirus or the climate, does nothing to protect health and the environment.

As a Chinese proverb warns: “An overturned vehicle in front of you warns those standing in the back.”

When fear of an economic downturn results in regulations that forbid health and environmental scrutiny, such as which of the bills currently under consideration to accelerate the deployment of a 5G communications network, we are approaching path loss, steep curve, and impaired visibility. [5]

Like Tiger Woods, we’re about to leave the road.

Learn more: In a discussion of how the insurgency in the Capitol is being used to advance new policies regarding domestic terrorists, investigative journalist Daniel Liszt provides a historical view from John F Kennedy, Naomi Wolf and others regarding economics, public policy, and people. Rights and fascism.

The Dark Journalist: A State of Emergency Powers!



[2] And the

[3] This has, for example, removed groups who question the integrity of the 5G communications network from social media platforms.


[5] 5.html part flow

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Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and advocates internationally for new limits on exposure to microwave radio frequencies based on a biological basis. Resides in Massachusetts and can be reached in [email protected].

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