Photo tour: National Rehabilitation Center Support Services Building in Rancho Los Amigos

Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center was founded in Downey, California in 1888 and provides specialized care for people with spinal cord injury, stroke, brain injury, and other neurological disorders. As part of the $ 418 million campus revitalization completed in October 2020, the two-story Support Services Building of 67,000 square feet has become a newly centralized workplace, housing administration, staff health clinic, nursing classroom, and nursing laboratory.

Four buildings were decommissioned or demolished as part of the transformation, resulting in the transfer of 11 administrative departments. The client’s executive committee recommended that departments downsize en masse, resulting in the sharing of common support spaces such as conference areas, consulting rooms, and employee lounges. By not allocating common spaces to each department, additional space can be allocated to each program.

From the early days of the hospital, as the art of weaving was incorporated into rehabilitation systems for occupational therapy, physicians and therapists have used rug, chair and basket weaving to help rehabilitate patients as a way to heal the body, mind, and spirit. From this inspiration, ‘Textile as a Metaphor’ crystallized, driving the design direction.

The design incorporated Otome’s fabric artwork, into a contemporary application, in homage to the diverse culture that surrounds Rancho Los Amigos. Created by the Otome people in central Mexico, this type of embroidery abounds with symbols of local flora and fauna. Historic black and white photography was curated in the archive and displayed as large-scale art installations alongside framed photo walls in public corridors.


Project details:

Facility name: National Rehabilitation Center Support Services Building in Rancho Los Amigos

Location: Downey, California.

End date: October 2020

Owner: Los Angeles County

Total building area: 46,353 sq. Ft.

Total construction cost: $ 13.7 million

Cost / square meter. Feet: $ 295 / sq ft.

Architecture Firm: Taylor Design

Interior design: Taylor Design

General Contractor: Kemp Bros. Construction

Engineering: IMEG

Builder: Department of Public Works, Los Angeles County

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