Photo tour: Hartford Healthcare Center at Perkins Farm

Hartford Health Care (Hartford, Connecticut) wanted to build a new ambulatory care facility to support outpatient cardiovascular, neuroscience and primary care services, as well as provide full outpatient imaging services.

The three-story, 45,000-square-foot project, the Hartford Health Care Health Center at Perkins Farm, was launched in January 2020 in Mystic, Connecticut.

Designed by Perkins, Will (New York), the center is adjacent to I-95. The model features a curved size with torn white horizontal panels suggesting the hull of the ship as a revival of the historic coastal village.

In the southwest corner, a stainless-steel lattice stair tower offers an interpretation of a local lighthouse to create a distinct and purposeful presence along the highway. The shape’s hidden interior lighting creates a soft glow, acting as a visible beacon on the outside.

Each floor is approximately 15,000 square feet with imaging and rehabilitation services and general community areas located on the ground floor, while the primary care and urology departments are located on the second floor, and the cardiovascular and neuroscience services are located on the third floor of the building. Clinical examination areas encourage operational flexibility with modular layouts that can expand and contract as scheduling and disciplines require.

In addition, the public face of the building, which can be seen from the parking lot, features an attractive open glass façade. The facility focuses on providing visual contact with nature and daylight, providing clear, easy-to-route visual clues, and supporting patient independence. Public-facing programs are set up along the side of the building, while daylight-filled parking areas turn south, away from highway noise, and have direct access to a small plaza that serves as a public fit space for health fairs and other civic gatherings that support the surrounding community.


Project details:

Facility name: Hartford Health Care Center at Perkins Farm

Location: Mystic, Connecticut.

End date: January 2020

Owner: Hartford Health

Total Building Area: 45,000 sq. Ft.

Total Construction Cost: Confidential

Cost / square meter. Made: Confidential

Architecture Firm: Perkins & Will

Interior design: Perkins and Will

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