PhD scientist helps essential oils take off

PhD scientist helps essential oils take off

Dr. Baker is a researcher and graduate of Aromahide!

In the past decade or so, we’ve seen aromatherapy gain more attention than traditional medicine. Essential oils are used as complementary therapies in clinics and hospitals.

We have researchers like Dr. Shannon Baker to thank for that.

Dr. Baker is a PhD Scientist, Author, Peer Review, and Aromahead Graduate! (Check her website out!)

She discovered the power of essential oils while receiving her PhD.

“I learned that relaxation exercises and physical exercises
And essential oils are a great supplement for my country
Conventional treatments for chronic pain and anxiety disorder.

“I decided to continue my studies of essential oils and
Become a certified aromatherapist at the Aromahead Institute. “

Aromatherapy versus viruses

Dr. Baker has studied cancer, genetics and evolution, and has published her work in prominent research journals. I have written for AromaCulture, and an article for the Tisserand Institute on the science of use Essential oils to prevent the spread of influenza.

In 2020, she also wrote a piece titled Essential oils and corona viruses. It helped clarify a lot of misinformation about what essential oils can and cannot do to protect us during a pandemic. I explained in straightforward terms to the layperson how the virus works and how we can use essential oils to manage disease symptoms:

“If only mild symptoms are present, you can use essential oils
To help relieve them – a chest scrub that contains pine or cineole
Rich essential oils such as eucalyptus (eucalyptus) or rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), steam inhalation with the same oils, etc. ”

Dr. Baker has also suggested using aromatherapy to calm anxiety that may be building up during stressful times.

Recently, Dr. Baker was awarded a grant from AIA (International Alliance of Aromatherapists).

The grant allowed her to conduct significant research on the role essential oils could play in Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (a connective tissue disorder that affects joints, skin, and blood vessels).

The future of aromatherapy depends on science

Until recently, using essential oils meant drawing on traditions – researching folk remedies and the ancient uses of plants. We can also look at user experiences of the oils, and hear how others have used them and what their results have been.

These are still important sources of information. But they cannot replace the flag.

Science plays a major role – just not in the way we use it
Essential oils, but in the future of aromatherapy as a field.

The more research we have done on how essential oils work, the more we rely on them for natural wellness. We may see more clinicians recommending them in clinical settings.

Searching takes time and patience!

Becoming a learner Becoming a scientist takes time in and of itself, and individual research studies are often painstakingly detailed. It requires diligence and unbiased attention to detail that will not affect the results of the study.

I feel so privileged to live at a time when science is revealing so much about essential oils – and I am honored to have people like Dr. Baker who are Aromahead alumni!

Play a Role in the Future of Aromatherapy: A Study of Science

If you are interested in studying essential oils science and helping build the future of aromatherapy, Check the The aromatherapy certification program that Dr. Baker has trusted. Her notes on ACP brought a big smile on my face.

“I really appreciate learning the science of aromatherapy
And I love that Aromahead is able to incorporate this information.

“I looked at other less scientific schools
This was not suitable for me. “

At Aromahead, we get to know each of our ACP students. We work with them individually to guide them through their studies and help them achieve their goals. We want you to join our community of science-based aromatherapists!

Free Webinar: How to Become a Certified Essential Oil Therapist

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