Performance Sportswear: Rapha Launches MTB Gear

Rafa gets dirty. The UK-based cycling brand has made a name for itself with stylish, high-quality gear and apparel for road and gravel. cyclists, and now the same method is applied to mountain bikers As well. The brand just launched its all-new Performance Trailwear line, a line of apparel and accessories designed for MTB riders.

“After 17 years of creating road and gravel cycling apparel, now is the time for Rapha to enter the mountain bike market,” said Jake Rosenblum, general manager of Rapha MTB, in a press release. “We are confident that we can have an equally beneficial impact on the future of the sport.”

With the brand’s sleek, effortless design, the pieces in the collection (which include both men and women) are unmistakably Rapha’s, but the company is also designed to be sustainable and extremely durable for the track, too. To do this, Rapha enlisted the help of elite MTB and XC riders such as Jill Kintner, Eliot Jackson, Adam Craig, Bryn Atkinson and Joey Schusler. They test every piece to make sure the items meet the unique requirements of mountain biking, where stray branches, dirt and rough falls can put extra stress on clothing.

Rapha has also prioritized using sustainable materials, like the recycled fabric used in the Trail ¾ Sleeve Jersey (see below), and making sure every item is made to last. To this end, many pieces come with repair patches made from the excess fabric from the manufacturing process. This saves scraps from going to landfill, and helps you extend the life of your clothes. And if your shirt or shorts get a more serious wound, you can send them to Rapha for a free repair. The company has repaired more than 34,000 parts since 2004.

So what is on offer? Here’s a look at some of the highlights of the men’s performance apparel line.

Trail 3/4 km Jersey
Trail 3/4 km Jersey photo courtesy

1. Trail 34 km Jersey

Made from 100 percent recycled fabric, the jersey’s 3/4 sleeves are made from a woven fabric for optimal breathability, while the sleeves are woven to resist scratches and close brush encounters. If you rip it off, the shirt comes with repair patches.


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Short Trail
Short Trail photo courtesy

2. Trail Short

The Trail Shorts feature a built-in belt that is shaped to closely fit the contours of your waist and provide you a comfortable fit. It’s made of stretchy woven nylon, so it won’t restrict movement, and it’s cut to be worn with or without knee protectors.


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Art Trail T-Shirt
Art Trail T-Shirt photo courtesy

3. Trail T-Shirt Artistic

The technical tee is designed for those hot days in the saddle. Like the shirt above, it’s made from recycled fabric and made from a knitted fabric for increased breathability and wicking moisture; Its loose fit also promotes good airflow. It comes with a repair kit, and it has an antimicrobial treatment to stave off bad smell when you’re working hard.


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Lightweight trail jacket
Lightweight trail jacket photo courtesy

4. Lightweight Trail Jacket

PACKABLE, WINDPROOF, LIGHTWEIGHT, WATERPROOF: The Trail Lightweight Jackets check a lot of the boxes. When the weather gets choppy, the jacket’s lightweight nylon fabric, helmet-compatible hood, and zippered vents keep you protected without trapping heat, and it features an extra strap to stow on your bike’s frame when not in use.


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Rafa + Smith Forfront 2
Rafa + Smith Forfront 2 photo courtesy

5. Rafa + Smith Forfront 2

Collaboration with eyewear/helmet brand SmithForefront 2 is built with MIPS And the corroid Top-notch impact protection technology. Twenty air vents keep your head cool, while the Smith VaporFit dial-adjustment system ensures a comfortable fit.


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Check out the full Performance Trailwear collection Here.

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