Parents run the school board, elect new members, and vote immediately to terminate the mask’s mandate

by Agorist died

On Tuesday, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey passed Law A. New executive order That lifted the state mandate imposed on schoolchildren to wear masks.

In Vail, Arizona, the Vail school district has scheduled a meeting on how to proceed. A large crowd of parents – who are tired of forcing their children to wear masks – have formed abroad to support abolishing the state and allowing their children to go without masks.

As the meeting started, school board officials abruptly canceled it and walked out of the office after several parents entered. In a cowardly move, board members called 911 to report parents concern about their children.

When the deputies of the mayor of Pima County arrived, they found no reason to contact. Parents, while definitely worried about their children, posed no threat, and were completely peaceful, even friendly.

Due to concern that these individuals would not follow meeting protocols related to mitigating the COVID-19 virus, district officials said they were “worried that (they) would not be able to conduct the meeting safely,” resulting in the meeting being canceled, Reports KVOA.

“We will continue to work with the Pima County Mayor’s administration to ensure the safety of our community in any future meetings,” the district said.

when KGUN9 The school board asked why the meeting was canceled, an unnamed official told them the crowd had become uncontrollable. However, this was not the case at all and the entire ordeal, which lasted more than an hour, was videotaped.

What’s more, when KGUN9 asked the mayor about the school board’s claims that the crowd was uncontrollable, the sheriff told them that this was not true and that crowd control was not an issue. In fact, as the video shows, the parents were courteous and when the MPs asked them to leave the building, they did.

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“they [school board] We have the nerve to leave when we come here as peaceful parents to talk to, ”a parent was heard saying in the video.

After school board officials vacated the building, the parents resorted to a legal procedure known as System Rules by Robert. to me KNSTThen the parents voted on the new school board

Then this new council voted unanimously to end the mask requirement in all Vail schools.

Whether or not this measure bears merit remains a contested topic as members of the school board are elected in the city election process by the electors. However, according to the person who captured the video below, they claim the whole process was legal.

“ Phil School Board violates the Arizona Open Meetings Act, refuses to hear people’s opinions, and returns home. So, people maintain the quorum, call their own meeting of demand, elect a new school board, and immediately vote to revoke the mask’s mandate – along with the vote Not allowing any medical action to be imposed on children or employees This is how you take back power from an authoritarian government.

Great job for parents of students in the Vail School District. “

This kind of resistance to concealing children’s mandates is increasing across the country. While it is unclear whether this move by the parents will succeed or not, their spirit of civil disobedience to what they perceive as harmful is an inspiration.

Forcing people – including children – to wear a mask on their faces against their will has no place in a free society. The effectiveness of masks alone should be sufficient to compel society to wear them, and anything else is despotism.

Source: Free Thought Project

Matt Agorist is an honorably demobilized veteran of the USMC and a former intelligence operator assigned directly by the NSA. This past experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been a freelance journalist for over a decade and has appeared in major networks around the world. Agorist is also the general editor for The Free Thought Project. Follow MattAgorist on TwitterAnd the Steemit, And now on Minds.

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