One man stops drought and brings wealth to the village by planting 11,000 trees over 24 years

by Elias Marat

In the Indonesian countryside, an elderly man takes it upon himself to rehabilitate a landscape ravaged by mismanagement.

The Indonesian defender Sdeiman was once viewed suspiciously as insane by fellow villagers in the hilltops of Central Java, but is now affectionately referred to as “GrandpaOr “the grandfather” by locals after 24 years of seeking to turn barren hills into green landscapes.

The area was devastated by land-clearing fires that stripped the area and nearly dried up its rivers, streams and lakes, inspiring the elderly environmental warrior to take it upon himself to cover the area with trees.

“I told myself, if I don’t plant Banyan trees, this area will dry up,” Sadiman said Reuters While wearing a sentinel hat and safari shirt.

“In my experience, banyan and ficus trees can store a lot of water.”

To date, Sadiman has planted more than 11,000 Banyan and Banyan trees across the 617-acre area in an effort to conserve the area’s groundwater and prevent further erosion of valuable land.

His efforts have already paid off, literally, with springs left in his wake in what was once a drought-stricken land. Local residents can now obtain water for their homes and agricultural plots.

Superstitious Villagers were originally the least appreciative of his work.

“People mocked me for bringing the seeds of a banyan tree to the village, because they felt uncomfortable because they thought there were spirits in these trees,” Sadiman said.

Rumors have even spread that Sadiman was insane because he traded seedlings for goats, according to the neighboring villager Wharto.

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“In the past people thought it was crazy, but look at the result now,” Warto added. “He is able to provide clean water to meet the needs of the people in several villages.”

Sadiman is proud that his work has brought prosperity and abundance to his neighbors, who now enjoy two or three crops per year instead of just one.

May the people here live prosperous lives and live happily. And do not burn the forest again and again. “ Sadiman said.

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