Nitro Stuts are great (not Guinness) to drink on St. Patrick’s Day

Time may have lost its meaning, but beer drinkers still know what March means: Saint Patrick’s DaySuper Bowl sipping a spunk. This usually means GuinnessUndisputed category Dark hero. The enduring popularity of the legendary Irish beer is easy to explain. Roasted strong drinks are deceptively light, and alcohol flows at 4.2 percent ABV, or goes perfectly with all that light beer with a precious little taste.

Then there is the casting. In bars (remember bars?), Proper bartenders take a few minutes to pour the cream pints properly. Besides patience, the secret lies in carbonation. They gasified Guinness with a mixture of carbon dioxide and nitrogen; The ingredient produces smaller bubbles, which helps enhance the head’s density and make the mouth feel smoother.

Guinness may have pioneered and propagated this approach, but many American breweries have jumped on the nitro train. They make disguised gummies that contain coffee, chocolate, and even milk sugar, these are nitrogen-packed slices for personal consumption at home. Yes home. In A Year of Psychedelic Similarities, here are five spunky switches on your Saint Patrick’s Day drinking routine. We guarantee that drinking them will be gas.

Rouge Alice Chocolate Stout Nitro
Rouge Alice Chocolate Stout Nitro Courtesy Image

1. Rogue Ales Chocolate Stout Nitro, ABV: 5.8%

Venerable Oregon con man Many of her most popular stews have given nitrogen treatments, including Shakespeare’s Stout and Chocolate Stout smooth, oatmeal-oriented. Dutch chocolate offers a deep blend of cocoa, while the nitrogen imparts a creamy, shimmering blend. The effect is no different from drinking chocolate milk. he goes Here To find a distributor near you.

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  Left Hand Brewing Company is bittersweet nitro
Left Hand Brewing Company is bittersweet nitro Courtesy Image

2. Left Hand Brewing Company Bittersweet Nitro, ABV: 8.9%

No American brewery had such a strong affinity for nitro left hand. Milk Stout Nitro is the flagship beer at the Colorado brewery and has spawned several nitro by-products including Galaxy Cowboy Imperial grit and spiced Chai Milk Stout. Infused with Ethiopian and Indonesian coffee beans, Bittersweet Nitro, by contrast, savors the taste of strong coffee sprinkled with whole milk and finished off with a shower of cocoa powder. he goes Here To find a distributor near you.

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Southern Tier Brewing Company Nitro Iced Macchiato
Courtesy Image

3. Southern Tier Brewing Co Nitro Iced Macchiato, ABV: 10%

The darker grain is not used in making this beer. Instead, Nitro Iced Macchiato is a gritty white imperial milk, aromatic wit. Southern class A cream beer loaded with oats is brewed, then finished with coffee and lactose (milk sugar). Also excellent: A Southern Nitro-inspired version of the candy Kesterd sweetened caramelized Brave Milk Imperial. he goes Here To find a distributor near you.

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Irish Nitro Brewery Stout Breckenridge
Courtesy Image

4. Breckenridge Brewery Nitro Irish Stout, ABV: 4.8%

Breckenridge Offers a range of Nitro beers suitable for most seasons. Summer is reserved for Orange Cream Ale that resembles a lollipop, and fall is perfect for Nitro Pumpkin Spice Latte. For now, though, you’ll want to break down a dry can of Nitro Irish Stout made with Irish malt. They sell beer year-round so you can scratch that strong itch anytime. he goes Here To find a distributor near you.

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Firestone Walker Brewing Company Nitro Merlin Milk Stout
Courtesy Image

5. Firestone Walker Brewing Company Nitro Merlin Milk Stout, ABV: 5.5%

Thanks to its magical methods with almost all beers, Firestone Walker Brewery Matt Brynildson has earned the nickname Merlin – the name for this nitro milk stout. It’s a mixture of six barley and lactose, which gently sandes any grilled edges. The nitrogen moisturizes dark beer to obtain a velvety sheen. he goes Here To find a distributor near you.

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