New findings about the origins of COVID-19 prove that heavy censorship of technology poses a danger to the search for the truth

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In 2020, anyone who shared information on social media about anything related to COVID-19 and a laboratory in Wuhan, China or mentioned the possibility that COVID-19 was man-made, saw their posts removed and possibly blocked. Facebook, Twitter, Google, the founding media, and many in the government have all made their primary mission “to dispel disinformation” about the origins of the COVID-19 virus.

Big Tech’s truth judges claimed the idea and pushed it hard – On the basis of theories only – That the COVID-19 virus originated in nature, and anyone who challenged or questioned this opinion was a dangerous conspiracy theorist.

Twitter even removed the account of the Chinese virologist who made these claims completely. Dr Lee Ming Yan, who was reportedly a postdoctoral researcher at the School of Public Health at the University of Hong Kong, gave it Twitter account suspension After she claimed that the coronavirus was created in a laboratory and provided a set of data to support her claims.

Just a year ago, CNN Put down the hit piece Claiming that “Anthony Fauci just crushed Donald Trump’s theory about the origins of the Coronavirus.” Anyone who claimed otherwise was fact-checked into oblivion, their personal files blocked, and if they had pages their access diminished to nothing, if not removed entirely.

was established. The fact checkers were right and anyone who challenged them posed a danger to society. But fact-checkers who rejected this information did not do so with “the facts” at all. Instead, they simply promoted one theory over another. And now they are eating their words.

This past May, the Washington Post fact checker team mentioned That “the balance of scientific evidence strongly supports the conclusion that the new coronavirus emanated from nature,” and their article was used to warn Facebook readers who may have shared information that challenges this theory.

However, as the Washington Post just mentioned, last week, Published a group of 18 eminent scholars Speech in Science Magazine He says that a new investigation is needed, because “theories of laboratory accidental release and spread of zoonotic diseases remain applicable”.

Now, Dr. Fauci has changed his stance on the matter, indicating that these claims about the lab’s origins somehow held up a year later – despite being “crushed” last year.

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Earlier this month, Fauci spoke at a Poynter event where he was asked about the virus’s origin. Instead of repeating the same narrative he told for an entire year, he changed course and now says he is “not convinced” that the virus evolved naturally.

“Really no, I’m not convinced of that.” “I think we must continue to investigate what happened in China so that we can continue to find out what happened to the best of our ability,” said Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Fox News.

Sure, the people who investigated the matter said it was possible that an emergence from an animal tank would have struck individuals afterward, but it might have been something else, and we need to find out. So, you know, this is the reason why I said I totally support Any investigation is looking at the origin of the virus. “

“Do you think it is possible that COVID-19 may have originated from a laboratory accident … in Wuhan, and should it be fully investigated?” Senator Roger Marshall (R from Kansas) asked Doctor Fauci during a Senate hearing earlier this month.

He replied, “This possibility certainly exists, and I fully support a full investigation as to whether that could happen.”

Wait what ??? What happened to the stable science that this came from the bat? Science happened, this is what happened.

Despite the partisan media infiltration, including “fact-checkers” trying to crush all controversy and claiming a single truth, scientists continued to do what the scientists were doing and their research and experimentation led to new information. Fortunately, there are still people doing research in order to find the truth – rather than just making their political opponents look stupid.

While we still have no idea where this virus came from, the idea of ​​silencing one opinion and choosing another is the opposite of a smart debate.

This illustrates the problem of the so-called fact checker. Over the past several years, their partisan tendencies have become so apparent that they appear to many as little children on the playground holding their ears with their fingers and making their voices loudly to avoid hearing anything they are told.

The Free Thought Project has been “validated” nearly a dozen times and most have been canceled except for two groups that did not respond to our requests.

Make no mistake, there are definitely some completely foolish and stupid conspiracy theories in almost everything, including COVID-19. But does society need remedies to hide these things from them by imposing censorship on those who deal with them?

Stupid thoughts weren’t spread out too much. Even in the most remote corners of the conspiracy theory world, it is easy to prove false facts that can be verified and dismissed quickly. This is not happening anymore thanks to fact-checking tools.

Because fact checkers rely heavily on party lines, even when they are completely honest, their partisan nature tends to make their political opponents dismiss the actual facts.

“If the leptardone in politifact says it’s wrong, it must be correct!” See how it goes? Now, censorship and bans on big technology lend credence to stupid ideas and spread like wildfire as a result. This is not a good thing.

While fact-checking tools certainly offer a benefit, the idea of ​​using them to censor skeptics is a dangerous one. Sure, fact-checking sites are welcome, but when they have the power to silence those who may disagree with the consensus of the majority, we move from offering benefit to silencing critical and much-needed skepticism.

To be clear, scientific consensus should not be dismissed so easily. Thousands of people all reach similar conclusions through different applications of the scientific method, which is a powerful way to explain and understand our environment and our existence on this planet and in the universe. Reaching a consensus allows humanity to make better decisions about promoting a more sustainable future and helps us figure out how to progress as a species and deal with the different problems we face – like COVID-19.

However, the group is often dangerous and deadly wrong. Indoctrinating people to accept what fact-checkers undoubtedly say as fact, like the many fact-checkers who have done it over the past year through various means of manipulating information can have dire consequences.

This current method of abolition, censorship, and bans aims to cultivate the unanimous flock, simply by convincing people that doing anything but accepting consensus is undoubtedly wrong.

This is dangerous, because a false consensus that passes unchecked can lead to immeasurable death and human suffering. Eugenics anyone? Or what about “weapons of mass destruction”?

Without a doubt, group thinking prevails, and group thinking kills.

While it is absolutely noble to want to rid humanity of misinformation, this “disinformation” is actually sometimes true. Without the craze in the Peanut Expo that keeps scientists and consensus on their A game, reality is not challenged and misinformation can prevail.

In the words of the late great George Carlin, it is better for humanity to “question everything” at all times.

Source: Free Thought Project

Matt Agorist is an honorably demobilized veteran of the USMC and a former intelligence operator assigned directly by the NSA. This past experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been a freelance journalist for over a decade and has appeared in major networks around the world. Agorist is also the general editor for The Free Thought Project. Follow MattAgorist on TwitterAnd the Steemit, And now on Minds.

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