New feature for healthy moms and kids workout at sunrise this weekend!

As seen on TV!!! Healthy Mummy founder Ryan Allen appeared on Channel 7’s Weekend Sunrise to talk about how much mums across the country love the new baby-friendly workout in Healthy Mummy! Especially those families that are currently closed!

Find out all about exercise and see the feature plus get a free mom and kids workout below!

New family friendly workout

These are great new workouts in healthy mummy app Giving mothers the perfect opportunity to involve their children in staying active. Spend some quality time together to help the little ones burn off extra energy while smashing your health goals. These exercises are suitable for children of all ages and fun for the whole family!

Moreover, it is only 10 minutes long, so there is no chance for kids to get bored. There are plenty of mom and baby workouts to choose from too, from HIIT, to animal workouts, to Cardio Fun and many more!

Ryan explained to Monique Wright and Matt Doran on the show that a survey of a healthy mummy with more than 2,500 mothers revealed that 72% of mothers said that if the mother exercised, the child was more likely to exercise as well.

Ryan said, We thought it wouldn’t be fun to do these 10 minute exercises to also get a little parent-child bonding. And it’s obviously great for their health, well-being and fitness for both parent and child too!

These exercises have proven particularly useful for families stuck in confinement trying to balance work and homeschooling.

Watch Ryan Alan talk about the workouts at The Weeknd Sunrise here!

Get your free family-friendly workout below!

These amazing new family-friendly workouts are led by our amazing dance instructor, Cardio Jade!

Jade is an amazing dance teacher and personal trainer. And besides all things dance and fitness, Jade knows a thing or two about keeping the kids occupied with her two young daughters.

Jade is super excited about the new family friendly workout revival!

Jade says“I love this brand new program because it gives you the perfect opportunity to move around while you spend quality time with your kids and family as a whole. These workouts are only 10 minutes long and are designed for all ages and fitness levels so you can have fun breaking a sweat together!”

There are HIITs, cardio sessions, and we even take them down to focus on stretching and breathing. Improve your endurance, strength, agility, flexibility, coordination… and even your knowledge of animals as you navigate this fun new program with your family.”

Are you ready to peek?

Check out one of the new workouts from the app!

Move with the healthy mummy app

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