New college football team players with the best chances of success

Not so long ago, it was possible to win National Championships Without the elite college football team players. Alabama teams Nick Saban did this three times between 2009 and 2012. Each time they relied on dominant defenses, punishing running games, and QBs who essentially had to make sure they didn’t throw too many interceptions.

But the sport has changed. The prevalence of crime dependent on Big size, high difficulty Passing mode is on top of the QBs who can shoot the ball more accurately than their predecessors. It can no longer be won all without one of the best QBs in the country.

2021 is shaping up to be an interesting season. A large handful of potential title contenders, as well as a few surrounding contenders who made their own rounds last season, are replacing their QBs. Trying to figure out which QB teens will dominate is difficult at best, but one way to sort out their chances of success is to look at the teams they’ll be in charge of.

Here are eight teams splitting into junior quarterbacks this fall, ranked (from best to worst) according to the suitability of the situation the young caller will enter.

1. Clemson

It’s hard to imagine a more perfect environment for the new QB DJ Uiagalelei. The former five-star potential player joined Clemson in 2020 and cleared himself well in nine games. He also played admirably in his prime while Trevor Lawrence recovered from COVID-19.

Uiagalelei would stand behind a dominant offensive line, and his receivers would be the most attractive targets a QB could ask for. Chief among them: Justin Ross will return this year after a spine condition cost him the 2020 season, and he should give Uiagalelei a major threat.

2. Ohio

Previously five stars CJ Stroud preparing to replace Chicago Bears Draft Justin Fields Under the Buckeyes Center. The only reason Clemson’s position is higher than Ohio State is because Uiagalelei has already had a chance to work on Clemson’s offensive, while Stroud will see his first game this fall. With Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave, Stroud has the best wide receiving duo in college football at his disposal. He will also work behind the top attacking line in the Big Ten and under the tutelage of head coach Ryan Day, one of the best QB developers in the sport.

3. Alabama

There is a case that needs to be made on the signal of a new caller Bryce Young– Yet another five-star ex-recruit on this list – is Walking worse of recent QBs in Alabama. But this is a file Extremely relative statement. Young had a year to sit back and learn Bama’s offense as a real freshman in 2020, and while that offense will change somewhat now that Bill O’Brien has replaced Steve Sarkissian as offensive coordinator, it likely won’t be an overhaul.

Young will have plenty of talent around him, and Bama’s stingy defense will ensure he rarely plays from behind. The Crimson Tide lost two great receivers, including Heisman Trophy winner DeVonta Smith, but came back wide Jun Michi III will soften the blow.

4. Texas A&M

It’s not entirely clear who will replace Keelen Mund as the Aggies’ quarterback. In fact, the center may be the A&M’s biggest weakness in what could be a watershed year in college football. But what if Heinz King or Zack Calzada If he gets the job, the QB will eventually have a support team around him.

The scroll watchers on the Aggies team are arguably the best on the SEC. Tight end Jalen Wydermeyer is one of the best threats in the sport, and Aeneas Smith can use his agility in the game in many ways. The biggest problem for A&M ultimately QB may be the pressure it is under to keep a potential historic season on track.

5. Texas

its long horns QB battle on their hands between Casey Thompson And Hudson Card. Whoever wins and retains the key position will benefit from the attack of new coach Steve Sarkissian, who propelled Alabama’s undefeated run to the National Championship last year. The Texans should have good running units, a wide receiver and an offensive line, but the longhorns aren’t likely to be great at any one thing. Thompson or Card would have to do a lot of heavy lifting to improve UT’s standing in the Big 12, and that’s tough for any player.

6. Florida

New QB Emory Jones It is a powerful penetration filter. A massive blockbuster with powerful running ability and rocket arm, his athletic profile is somewhat similar to Tim Tebow with better throwing ability. But he’s getting into a potentially tricky situation, with Florida’s top two receivers of 2020 (court end Kyle Bates and receiver Tony Kadarius) now in the NFL. Last year’s Gators relied heavily on these two teams, as any team would – they were some of the most devastating players in America.

Other than dropping owner Davis, the UF won’t keep a single player with more than 20 passing goals in 2020. Combine that with a poor offensive line and regular competition against top-end SEC defenses, and Jones will have plenty of money. painting.

7. Notre Dame

Ian Bock’s novice went for three years, the transfer of Wisconsin Jack Kwan Coan would have a tough time getting Notre Dame back to the playoff, which the book reached twice. The Irish don’t have a single wide receiver who seems to have game-breaking knack (though he can appear), and the team’s offensive line lost four players to the NFL. Coan has never shown much ability as a profound passer, and he will likely have a hard time finding any targets this fall.

8. BYU

cougars They finally died In the division of football in terms of reproduction. Not only did they lose QB Zach Wilson to the NFL; They also saw the top three offensive navigators leave. And perhaps just as important, offensive coordinator Jeff Grimes, the attack architect that Wilson spearheaded so beautifully in 2020, is left to take up the same job at Baylor. New QB hall of years He might be fine — he showed a few flashes in his last game of 2019 — but he’s in the meat grinder.

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