New best golf shoes to give your game an edge

If you want your season to start right, it is a good idea to choose a new pair of golf shoes. The players use the ground to generate Energy And the speed is on swing, And shoes are this point of interaction.

“The most important aspect of golf shoes is support,” says Laird Small, head coach at Laird Small Pebble Beach Golf Academy at Pebble Beach Resorts. “In golf, massive amounts of ground forces are recruited to constantly hit the ball. The more stable a golfer is, the more force he can generate. The shoes are your platform and your connection to the ground.”

Of course, players should also consider weight, comfort and style. During the hiking run, players travel between three and six miles, so lighter shoes can keep a little spring in your stride. Breathability is also a major factor as golfers sweat a little through their feet. Dry feet are happy feet.

“Golfers should look for a firm footed shoe for support,” Small adds. “A low shoe may provide more balance and stability.”

Breaking a new pair of kicks for 18 doesn’t take as long as it used to: “New shoes are very comfortable these days, and many of them don’t require the traditional break,” Small adds. He recommends wearing the new shoe with a fresh pair of socks and hitting the range for a good training session to break it. “Next, play nine pits walks, then 18.”

And because golf is so much a mental game, the aesthetic value of the shoe is important. Looking good helps improve confidence, and self-confidence makes it easy to swing the club.

So, if you’re ready to book your first tee time of the year, here are five pairs of golf shoes to improve your game.

Eco Biom H4
Eco Biom H4 Courtesy Image


ECCO makes some of the most comfortable golf shoes you’ll find at your local sporting goods store, and the BIOM H4 not only raises that bar, but also packs some serious performance. A thermoplastic urethane backing on the side of the shoe enhances traction and three different areas of traction on the sole enhance contact with the ground while swinging. The shoes also give the player a 100 percent waterproof barrier thanks to the highly breathable GORE-TEX coating.


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FootJoy Premiere Tarlow Series
FootJoy Premiere Tarlow Series Courtesy Image

2. Tarlo Foot Joy Premier Series

For the golfer who appreciates classic style but needs modern innovation, FootJoy offers the Premiere Series. The Tarlow model, named after Bill and Dick Tarlow, who bought FootJoy in 1957 and reintroduced the brand into golf, features an antique toe design made of extremely lightweight materials. The uppers are made of premium leather, but the new tread pattern, along with studs, lock regardless of angle, so it keeps you steady no matter the terrain. The matching crocodile print in the heel, toe cap, and eye, along with a water-repellent guarantee, ensures that you will look like a scratched golfer even if you hit him from deep objects all day.


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Nike Air Max 90G
Nike Air Max 90G Courtesy Image

3. Nike Air Max 90 G

The Nike Air Max 90 is a classic, casual sneaker that’s perfect for cruising around town, but the golf version is also great for taking the course. Inspired by the iconic Pompidou Center in Paris, the OG design dates back to 1990, but Nike didn’t adapt the game platform until 2016. The latest iteration of lime green features some improvements: Mesh panels at the top of the shoe allow for breathable while the thin layers prevent water from breaking out. Access. A foam midsole and air pocket cushion run over the cushion at every step, and the soft traction pattern gives you a good grip from the tee to the green without scuffing the floors in your club house.


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PAYNTR X001F Courtesy Image


New to the market, PAYNTR is the brainchild of former professional cricketer David Paynter and Mike Forsy, who designed golf shoes for Nike, Under Armor and FootJoy. The first offering of the brand is the PAYNTR X001F. Urethane thermoplastic pieces on the outsole provide great grip, keeping you from slipping while swinging; Graphite pad spread on midsole adds softness to fingers; And a coating of a highly hydrophobic solution called NeverWet Waterproof for lightweight shoes.


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Puma Ignite PWRADAPT Caged Palms Limited Edition
Puma Ignite PWRADAPT Caged Palms Limited Edition Courtesy Image

5. Puma Ignite PWRADAPT Caged Palms Limited Edition

PWRADAPT gives you the best of both worlds: They feel like you’re wearing cross-legged sneakers due to the soft foam midsole, but there’s a lot of strong traction due to the soft plastic rivets under the foot. The saddle wrapped around the middle and sides of the shoe gives added stability, and the pink pop of Hawaiian dawn … something we all like to try now.


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