My mom lost more than 31 kg and is now competing in triathlon!

Lydia Ambachtsheer lost a whopping 31.7 kg by following 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge And use the health mummy application!

A mother of six who is a resident of New South Wales revealed that she was tipping the scales at her maximum weight of 131kg and was even struggling to tie her shoelaces.

Now, she is competing in local triathlon races! Read her inspiring story below …

My mom lost more than 31 kg and is now competing in triathlon!

My mom is losing more than 31 kg and is now feeling more fit than ever!

33-year-old Lydia says her highlight was when she had an accident on her family’s farm and it made her realize that she was doing a lot and not caring about her health and weight.

My mom lost more than 31 kg and is now competing in triathlon!

“I have reached my highest weight ever, at 131 kg. I couldn’t tie my shoelaces without much effort, and I couldn’t run with my kids or buy the clothes I liked that really fit me,” Says.

“Covid was at its peak and I was homeschooling four kids, I knew if there was a time to make a change for my kids and me, it was now.”

So far, Lydia has lost 31.7 kg, five sizes of dresses have decreased from 24 to 16, and now they are down to two numbers which is great!

“On June 1 of last year, I totally committed. There were a few hiccups with surgeries here and there but this is our life now,” It says proudly.

“My fitness, breathing and sleep should be the most apparent. My skin is so much better and my mind is clearer.”

My mom lost more than 31 kg and is now competing in triathlon!

The huge health benefits Lydia is seeing now

Physically and mentally, Lydia says she has always been an assertive person.

My mom lost more than 31 kg and is now competing in triathlon!

“I have an attitude of the ‘I can’t get me down’ but now more than ever. I challenge myself all the time,” Says.

“I challenged myself to compete in our local triathlon, so I trained, researched and did. Now I’m riding 300 kilometers this month to raise money for a charity. My mindset is unrealistic.

“Physically speaking, I see someone who has a very strong body and can do things that I would never have dreamed of. I have learned to love my body ever and appreciate what it can do for me. This has been a huge change and one of the most important changes.”

My mom lost more than 31 kg and is now competing in triathlon!

What a typical day Lydia looks like

breakfast: Mummy Premium Healthy Juice, Double Chocolate is my favorite.

Morning tea: A plate of cucumber.

lunch: A leftover from dinner from the night before, is usually the recipe for the 28-day Healthy Weight Loss Challenge Application.

Afternoon tea: A kiwi, boiled egg, or white chocolate apricot slice.

dinner: Healthy mummy meals such as Stovetop Lasagne, curry or beef broth, sweet potato, satay fried rice, chicken curry, and potato bread are our in-house favorites.

Dessert: Dates stuffed with peanut butter and salted caramel cups.

Healthy Mummy Supplements: Metabolism Support and Apple Cider Tablets

Favorite workouts: I love the Wendy exercises but while I am currently treating a shoulder injury, I am using dance exercises that focus on the lower half.

My mom lost more than 31 kg and is now competing in triathlon!

Do you have Lydia’s advice for others trying to lose weight?

1. Digging deep, all days will be tough somehow. But the first few months are the hardest. It’s the time when you have the most work to do because it’s brand new and you don’t see physical changes as quickly. But once you do that makes it easier. The biggest tip too is to work on your mindset first and foremost during your trip. If you can’t get it on track, it will come back.

2. Make this a lifestyle change. I never refer to it as falling off the cart. It is life and today you need to love and make the best choices for your future.

3. Plan, prepare, and never give up! Never put on a scale before you weigh a day! Start!

“It was the best thing I did for my family as a whole, not just me.” Lydia adds.

“As you can see in my pictures, a change in lifestyle was really one of the things the kids embraced with me. After all they are our lives and they need us.

So I try to move my body with them to instill good values ​​and healthy goals for them for their future. Hopefully the cycle stops. Hope something you have said helps someone. “

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