My mom lost 13 kilograms and was able to put on a dress that she wanted to wear at the age of forty

Angela Freeman managed to lose a whopping 13 kg after signing up for 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge And it matches the dress she wanted to wear for her 40th birthday.

In fact, she was determined to stick with it Healthy mummy program She says she feels better now than ever!

How did this mother lose 13 kilograms and was able to wear a dress for forty years of her age

Started by the beautiful mother of three children Mummy Health Journey In May of last year she says she felt uncomfortable and unhappy with her body.

“I really wanted to be fit and healthy when I went on a cruise but it just wasn’t like that and felt like I disappointed myself,” Angela says.

“I went home and after that I was busy with the kids, so I thought maybe I was being a little too hard on myself.

“The turning point was when I was at home and still not dressed (a size 14, weighing close to 80 kg) and I felt tired the whole time and then I saw pictures from the trip and realized I could do it better for myself.”

As Angela’s 40th birthday approaches, she is determined to wear a size 12 dress.

What did Angela do

Angela started drinking Mummy healthy juices And I started preparing meals from Mummy health application.

“I was drinking vanilla or chocolate, tasting it with some frozen berries, strawberries, or raspberries and focused on what I was eating,” Says.

I used Mummy health application To find recipes for cooking, our favorites are the baked chicken noodles, beef, sweet potato lasagna, beef, sweet potato curry, lemon and vegetable chicken breads.

“I have also cooked snacks like Pesto Sausage Rolls and a delicious Almond Meal Cake.”

How to keep Healthy Mummy Angela on track

In fact, this beautiful mom followed suit 28-day program for beginners With wendy.

“In beginners, I thought it was very difficult, but when I was doing it every day, it got easier,” Says.

“I loved this program because it was not only practical and practical and saw the results, but it helped me understand how to properly stretch my back and take care of my body through calming techniques.

“By completing the program, I had more energy every day, my mind became clearer and when I saw the results, I started to feel better. Then I moved on to other workouts like the Advanced Program and now since I’ve been poor some of the time, I’ve found Wendy’s HIIT workouts great. “.

What’s more, Angela reveals Mummy health application She keeps me on track to make sure she achieves her goals for the day.

“It is always important for me to achieve these goals every day because I know I will sleep better at night,” Says.

Two big tips for Angela to succeed

1. Make sure that you are doing this for yourself and being a cheerful leader of yourself

Work on positive self-talk, if you can’t just exercise to maintain your eating habits and not slip into old ways and spend time reading, journaling, and listening to podcasts.

2. Know the difference between your motivation and your determination

Everyone is motivated by their children or the desire to lose weight to get fit and healthy, but you have to learn to focus only on yourself and your own goals. Motivation can come and go, but when you have a set mindset and goals, you will always achieve them, and for sure you will achieve them.

“I now wear size 10 clothes and I’m 67 kg and love my body,” Angela adds.

“I am now focusing on toning with some weight training. I am happy with where I am and am still determined to continue to exercise and eat properly as I know by doing so, I will continually learn and improve

“I am so happy that I have started on this journey and wish everyone every success on their own journey.”

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