My mom lost 10 kilograms in 4 weeks, stopped smoking and fixed her general health while handling multiple curved balls for 2020

We’ve all struggled with so many aspects of what 2020 threw at us, but we wanted to share some stories of inspiration and moms who conquered these during their weight loss journeys.

Elise is one of those mothers. Not only did she lose 10 kilograms in 4 weeks while dealing with job loss, home education, and the overwhelming case of COVID, but she also gave up smoking and fixed her relationship with alcohol. She is now feeling healthier, happier, and better than ever.

“My overall health has completely changed.”

The mother is making multiple health changes while she is undergoing COVID

Elise Laverne is a mother of four children ages 14, 12, 8, and 5, and was part of The Healthy Mummy Community Since 2015. She discovered that this year’s suffering inspired her not only to make changes to lose weight but also to have good health.

“My general health has completely changed, I no longer wake up with arthritis or fatigue. My blood pressure and blood cholesterol are localized, I am healthy and I love life.

What i see [through my journey] There is a need for change not only physically but mentally as well, the physical aspect of change is that my body is toned, my skin is clear, my hair stops falling out and I look and feel younger.

The mental health aspect has been a long battle, and I’ve always been telling myself I’m not good enough, I failed, I’m just a mom, my knee won’t let me so don’t bother trying etc. ”

A change of mindset helped Elise find the results she was looking for.

“However, since taking a self-love and caring approach, I felt such emotional empowerment, I learned to take my time, I stopped being too negative about myself and I learned about positive failures. I still learn every day but difficult difficulties are getting easier at work.

During my full journey to a healthy mummy, I lost 40 kg and since the lockdown or COVID started in Australia, I lost 10 kg within 4 weeks. ”

Covid disease wasn’t great for Elise, but it did have some positives. Besides losing weight, she has quit smoking, and has stopped her unhealthy relationship with alcohol plus more.

“When the shutdown happened, of course, I lost my job. Within two days of losing my job, I quit smoking and stopped my unhealthy relationship with alcohol.

On the fourth day, I had all four children in homeschooling (yes I stopped smoking and drinking while homeschooling four children haha).

Despite the turmoil, she found a routine that helped her stay on track.

“My daily routine was to walk in the morning with children on bicycles between the ages of 5 and 9 kilometers.

I set up a gym in my roof and will do 30-40 minutes of healthy mummy exercise, boxing was my favorite, and tabata 28 days strong It was fatal.

Followed by another walk to the shops on my own to get dinner things which is another 4 km.

With all the hardships thrown in 2020, she was on an emotional journey but managed to overcome it with the right support and tools.

“At first, I suffered from 1) not working and 2) feeling trapped but in all honesty COVID saved my life, I was finally able to breathe and regain my life. I am grateful enough to be able to go to the gym and continue my journey in health and fitness.

What advice would you give to other mothers?

“Remember why you started. These negative feelings are not you.”

What do you like to use with the healthy mummy?

“I love the exercises,” Tabata, the new weights, boxing and stretching. “

How do meals work?

morning: I have a protein smoothie with berries, avocado, bananas, kale and spinach with added vitamins.

Snacks: It’s generally an apple that has homemade almond butter and a baked snack from app or entertainment (that’s another great thing about the app and all this learning that I’ve recreated unhealthy to healthy and made it taste great).

lunch: Usually another jolt because I’m at work and I work through lunch.

Dinner: Oh my dinner I love them! I make a great variety either from the app, healthy entertainment or a free recipe from the site.

Her love for society

Other than meals, exercises, and app, Elyse loves the support, stories, and accountability she gets The Healthy Mummy Community. She helped Elise a lot in her journey.

“The community is very supportive and inspiring. If you are spending this spoiled day and need to vent on the thousands of other women out there to support you with wonderful and amazing words … or the overwhelming support you get when I post a transformation photo, you feel loved and supported.”

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