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Like a lot of people, I don’t have time to cook well and impressive on a regular basis meals. It’s not that I hate cooking but between work, friends, and exercise, there aren’t enough hours in the day to research and prepare decent meals. There is something to give and often it is cooking. When the wind caught MoreI thought it might be my solution a kitchen woes.

Designed by CookingPal, Multo is an “all-in-one, easy-to-use, all-in-one kitchen appliance.” It features over 10 different cooking functions, includes step-by-step pre-programmed recipes, and is controlled by a dedicated tablet. It does everything: weigh, chop, knead, mix, cook and steam food. The goal of the device is to allow the average chef to prepare delicious meals with minimal effort.

Out of the box, twisted scared me. I’m not a technical person, and the device is big and cool. Includes tablet and app. I was afraid it would take hours of reading the manual, and I still couldn’t get to work with it. Much to my surprise, the initial setup proved easy. Within minutes, the app was downloaded and the device and tablet up and running.

After perusing the recipes available on the tablet, I was excited about my options. The recipes are divided into categories: meals, dips, drinks, sides, and desserts. Due to the fact that the machine is new, the options were limited but what was available looked delicious.

On my first trip, I chose to make a vegan chickpea curry.

After selecting my components and running the Multo, I quickly realized there was definitely a learning curve. Although the directions were step by step, knowing how to measure, chop, and blend was challenging – but once I realized it all, it made sense. Once I finished cooking, I turned on the Multo self-cleaning mode, and after a few minutes, the appliance was glossy clean.

Although there are some hiccups in preparing the curry, it turns out delicious, like something you pick up at a restaurant rather than make in your own kitchen. After the curry, I continued making pasta alfredo, mango lassi, keto dough, and some smoothies of my own creativity. With each recipe, I became more familiar with the device and saw the doors that could open for cooking at home.

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While some functions can be used in manual mode, I couldn’t figure out how to chop and blend unless I was following a recipe. Another function I would like to improve is when you add the ingredients to the bowl between degrees, this requires you to have a measuring cap, which means you have to squeeze the ingredients through the small hole in the lid. I understand the requirement is for safety reasons, but it would be nice to be able to completely remove the cap between steps and still be able to measure at the same time.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that there are some inconsistencies between the recipe measurements on the tablet and in the app. The app seemed unnecessary with the tablet so I usually went with what the tablet said but ideally the two would be in sync.

The thing I really liked about the Multo was the fact that for the most part, it was a one-pot experience and required minimal cleaning. It was also good that the device was self-cleaning; All I was required to do was add some soapy water and hit “start”. In addition, the device is very powerful and I was amazed at how well and quickly the ingredients were chopped and mixed. Finely chopping vegetables and adding them to soups, curries, and even smoothies was a simple way to increase your vegetable intake.

The Multo is available for an early price of $799 but will eventually cost $999. For this price, it’s not something I would personally buy but I can see the drawdown. It eliminates the need for multiple kitchen appliances and lets you do all your cooking in one place. Multo has been carefully designed and made quality restaurant meals a reality. I imagine, over time, the device will improve. Happy cooking!


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