Mother’s Day and 5G EMF / RF / WIFI “The waves make me sick”: The story of a new mother

by Patricia Burke

Switzerland: “Waves make me sick”: testament to electrical sensitivity

that Article published in Switzerland in 2014Written by Jennifer Keeler, Femina, Narrating the story of the then-new mother Godelieve:

The original article is in French (Electronic version: pp. 34-35):

Insomnia, dizziness and pain. Godlev, 37, from Les Ponts-de-Martel lived three infernal years until she understood the origin of her suffering.

“It’s still hard to talk about this because it’s a taboo topic. Lots of people think it’s psychological. They can’t imagine that cell phones, computers and other wireless devices, so practical and often associated with the concept of freedom, can be unhealthy. Myself I would never have imagined the impact it could have on health. It took months of going from one doctor to another before I understood it. ”

It all began in the spring of 2010. My American husband and I were in Boston to visit his mother. We share a life between the United States and Switzerland. We slept in a room where I never felt comfortable. The level of electromagnetic pollution must be very high there, partly due to electrical lines running within several centimeters of walls … My health deteriorated within several days. I can no longer sleep. I got dizzy, had a headache and had the impression that I was dehydrated. At Boston Hospital, I was diagnosed with a possible virus … ”

Days passed and the symptoms got worse. I started having difficulty breathing, and I felt tingling in my fingers and toes, and difficulty moving my limbs and thinking. My son was six months old, and my doctor attributed it to exhaustion … but this condition persisted, turning my daily life into an obstacle course. I could not do anything anymore. I couldn’t drive, for example. As an actress and co-director of a theater company, I had to curtail my live performances and our work in schools. The situation was unbearable. I thought about stopping everything. My husband was within his limits. He had to take care of everything: our son, the house, our company. “

“For several months, I went from doctors to specialists hoping to understand what was happening to me in order to find treatments for my ailments. Not knowing what I had and not being able to do anything about it was worse than anything, not to mention not understanding family and friends in my face. The disease that struck me. It was a very difficult period. “

“Finally in late 2011 I met someone who was himself a sensitive to electricity for first time hearing mention of hypersensitivity. She recommended Kerry Crofton’s book“ Rescue from Wireless Radiation. ”I always thought that electric smoke was unhealthy. But at this point I realized that it could be possible. To make someone sick to the point of being handicapped. In order to check if that was really the case, we camped outdoors, far from everything. After three days, I returned to near normal. “

“A biologist measured the electrical fog in our home in the US, and the levels were actually high. We turned off the wi-fi and spoke to our neighbors in order to reduce the waves coming from them. This was complicated to manage. It was possible to move. We had family and friends near. We didn’t have the heart to do that. “

When we got back to Switzerland, we moved to an apartment without wi-fi at the edge of the village. On the second day, my symptoms increased with revenge. I thought I was losing my mind. We called again for an EMF consultant who detected an electric stray. For two months we were living with electricity only in the kitchen to hold the current. This helped me a lot. Despite everything, my health continued to deteriorate. The effect of waves is cumulative: the more they are received, the more sensitive they become. “

I decided to go to a clinic that specializes in integrative medicine. There, at the Paracelsus Clinic near St. Gallen, a medical examination by a psychiatrist confirmed my sensitivity to the electrostatic mist, which was a source of relief to me. Finally, my disease was recognized by a professional! Dr. Von Toenges recommended various methods to help me with this condition. I made some changes to my environment. “

“We bought a wired phone with a loudspeaker so I can communicate again. I have changed my metal glasses, so they are conductive and I don’t wear any metal jewelry. I am taking nutritional supplements to strengthen myself.”

“Going out is still a problem. In general, my husband does the shopping. It’s difficult to take a train. When I’m on stage, we ask the audience to turn off their cell phones. When we’re with friends, we do the same. My daily life is still complicated, but compared to what I used to be.” On it before, I am living again. I don’t know yet what the future will be like. I hope I can be better one day. I am not giving up. “

Occupational medicine practitioners and physicians in Europe were identifying and diagnosing diseases caused by exposure to radiofrequency frequencies more quickly than their American counterparts. Engineers, biologists, building biologists and other professionals are working to create tools to help mitigate environmental electrical toxins, including direct electromagnetic (DC) current (DC) fields, low frequency (AC) fields, magnetic fields, electric and high fields, alternating frequency (AC) fields, Including mobile / cellular phones (GSM, UMTS, LTE, etc.) mobile / cell phone towers, wireless phone radiation (DECT), microwave ovens, Wi-Fi (wireless internet), bluetooth, radar and CB radio.

In addition to mitigating her home environment, it was also necessary to try to stem the tide of towers and antennas being installed near her home. Hilltown Health is an organization it helped found in the Western MA to “tap into responsible technology.”

The town of Shelburne, Massachusetts updated its bylaws on May 1, 2018 so that citizens have something to stand on when the first applications for installing a 5G “small cell” network appear. Shelburne also increased its setback between wireless infrastructure and housing to 1,500 – the largest in Massachusetts. Hilltown Health is now working with other cities in the region to conduct similar updates. Studies show the largest rise in health effects for people who live within 1,500 cell towers. However, the area still sees AT&T, Verizon, etc. apply to install towers near homes, driven by federal subsidies available through the FCC, which were described in the Harvard Ethics report as an “agency taken over.”

Godleaf and her husband, playwright Jonathan founded the Piti Theater Company, headquartered in Shelburne Falls, MA and Les Ponts-de-Martel, Switzerland in 2004. Many of their shows focus on environmental concerns, including InnocentAnd the To be a bee or not a bee, And the Hawaiian Five G: Canary in the Gold Mine, A virtual comedy performance designed to raise awareness about the introduction of 5G that will premier this summer and then begin a world tour. Piti (pronounced “tea peas”) is an ancient Hindi word (Bali) that can be translated as “joy” or “ecstasy”. Piti’s mission is to create original offerings and community building events that accelerate the local transformation towards joy, sustainability, and justice. Awards and honors they have received include the Suzy Polucci Food Justice Award (for To Bee or Not to Bee), the Children’s Theater Foundation of America Aurand Harris Fellowship, the Club Passim Iguana Fund Award for their musical collaborations with Carrie Ferguson and independent reviewers for a New England nomination for Best Solo Performance .


Winnipeg Free Press Readers’ Rating

Guiltless storytelling and gentle clowning to attract audiences of any age. They use puppets, clowning, sorcery, song, movement, and audience engagement to teach and entertain their interest in caring for the precious air we breathe and preserving the species that depend on us for survival. .

  • Beverly Chrissy, Boston Art Review

“Both times we found that Betty’s work was awesome.. This company has developed a tried and true method of gaining the talents of young students in order to participate on stage in musical pieces written to address the evolving problems presented with the original scores and the beautiful mobile costumes and costumes.”

  • Aranca Matulksky is Executive Director of Mahosok Arts Council

“It was a pleasure to attend the show and I especially appreciate the ingenuity with which the message about the effects of electric smoke is being shared with children.” – B. Duvanelle, Director of the Office of Information Technology for Public Schools, Canton of Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Learn more about the Betty Theater and Hilltown Health:

Godeliffe’s art:

Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and advocates internationally for new biological limits for microwave exposure. [email protected].

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