Mother’s Day 5G EMF / RF 2021: Conclusion

by Patricia Burke

My dear God, I called every elected official, even the president (engineers, professors, organizations, citizens). You are Do you have any suggestions ??? Doesn’t anyone know how to stop pure tones in our environment !? ”

Art by sound pollution activist “citizen science expert” Sandra Chianfony. See / learn more on: And the

Thank you for watching our series of articles about mothers, grandmothers, fathers’ wives and others who, some of them for decades, have worked to address the environmental and health issues of wireless technology, and which have been opposed by mercenary scientists working in the wireless industry.

In a 3-part series, we looked at historical efforts dating back to the late 1990s Diana Warren and Peggy Patton; Thia Fournier, Julie Ricardi and Nina Anderson, Noting the predominant influence of tobacco scientist Philip Morris Peter Valberg On public policy regarding wireless communications, including smart meters. Part 3 Highlighted recent efforts by EMF Safety Networker Sandy Maurer, publisher Carol Bedrosian, noise pollution activist Sandra Chianphony, Dover Sherborne Mothers opposing a tower in the schoolhouse, Janet Davis opposing another cellular antenna in the steeple, MA Safe Technology Cece Doucette.

We heard individual stories from:

Godleaf RichardsAnd the The new mother who co-founded My Home Theater Group With her husband Jonathan, in Massachusetts and Switzerland, on her experiences in the blunt start of EHSAnd her journey to obtain an accurate diagnosis and the efforts she has to make to protect her home environment.

Godelieve art activist:

Christine Beatty A young mother and teacher was forced to quit her profession, and her daughter is her lawyer, despite her isolation EHS, Is actively working on Legislative efforts On a number of environmental fronts.

Courtney Gillardi, Whose community is opposed to a Macrotor, As many neighbors and her family suffered from harmful health effects when “operating” the tower after it was installed without the community’s knowledge and consent, he wondered Outdated and imprecise exposure standards And the lack of a legislative response.

Virginia HaynesAnd the Psychiatrist, referring to the opportunity for cognitive cohesion as the community adopts preventive options for health; For example, loudspeaker, wired earphones, and Chiropractic office This is solid to protect the safety of their patients (after measuring the radio frequencies emitted by the iPad that is being used, without a doubt, to screen patients.)

The mother of all environmental justice issues

There is an enormous disparity between societies (and countries) that have the resources to oppose the human rights violations that occur in the wireless world, and those that do not. Despite the growing allegations that the United States is seeking to address Environmental justice, racial justice, the digital divide, and other social concernsCorporate dominance and data misuse He tells a different story. This includes countries being tapped to support the 5G / IOT / Wireless sustainability doctrine, including Conflict Minerals, And the dumping Electronic waste In poor countries.

Activists involved in the issue of EMF / RF – in their churches, neighborhoods, communities and nations nationally and internationally – defend every ecosystem and species on Earth and beyond, against perilous odds, where arrogance takes human aggression outside the Earth to The spaceMoon and Mars.

History over-repeats

Flyer from 2000, 21 years ago, created by Thea Fournier From CARE: Society Against Exposure to Radiation, about antennas entering a church steeple in a residential area of ​​N. Andover.

We still see citizens participating in this fight because we still accept the flag of tobacco, which will never lead the United States. To win any race With regard to quality of life, health, happiness, environmental stewardship, educational leadership, national security, energy efficiency, resource management, fire safety, security, China, Russia, or appropriate communication policy, Or justice, human rights, racial equality, or any measure of “progress.”

A number of researchers and writers have documented the harm caused by the science of tobacco, for example, in the books “Doubt Is Their Product” by David Michaels The “suspicious merchants” of Harvard University Naomi Oriscs, He co-authored with Erik Conway. Dr. David Michaels served as Assistant Secretary of Labor for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) from 2009-2017, and has been the longest-serving official in the agency’s history. He currently teaches at the George Washington University School of Public Health. Naomi Oriscs is Professor of History of Science and Associate Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard University. She is a world-famous geoscientist, historian, and speaker, and she is a pioneering voice in the role of science in society and the reality of human climate change. ”

Several writers have noted the influence of corrupt science in the debate about anthropomorphic climate change. However, climate and environmental experts have inexplicably turned a blind eye to the fact that the mercenary tobacco world is a liar for a fee. Peter Valberg He provided the vast majority of experience to the wireless industry and its utilities and regulators of wireless smart meters, (with colleagues from Exponent, another product advocacy company). As noted by the previous teacher Christine Beatty, “Valberg failed to acknowledge many of his positions – on tobacco, carbon black, and chemical leaks – far from the mainstream, while misrepresenting the prevailing science as determining the wireless effects.”

Likewise, the safety science and putative environmental data that justify the explosive growth of AI / VR / 5G / IOT are a mirage.

The flag is still for sale

We operate in a culture where the flag is bought by the highest bidder. The wireless industry has the potential to sustain enthusiasm and continue to cause irreversible damage to health and the environment, to very long time – Unless the media and advertising sciences charade is addressed.

End to end

All The fifth generation network And mobile phone Ads It is a condemnation of a society that is not based on scientific foundations, or representative judgment, or impartiality, or human rights, or real protection for vulnerable health – Capitalism’s disaster, Political benefit, and social controls for the epidemic. Marketing is not a science, “these people.” (Work in the product defense industry) They are not scholars. “

As the EMF / EF protection policy is inadequate and increasingly irrelevant to the current neighborhood of industrial scale exposure, mothers including Godelieve and Kirstin, and Children at risk in terms of environmental health and safety, She did not break free from epidemiological isolation. The nearby 5G network infrastructure and utility meters threaten health-vulnerable individuals in their homes. Too many consumers have, perhaps unwittingly, joined the industry in expelling and disdaining women who stand up for their children, their homes, human health and the environment. Work on developing safer strategies will not begin until there are enough questions about the science.

A message from many mothers: Houston – We have a scientific problem.

Latest news and resources:

Work item: Dear President Biden- Turn off 5g, assess the environmental impact and reduce the health impacts of technology on children

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Ban Killer drones: A massive campaign of civil disobedience is necessary to abolish one of the brutal US Army innovations

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Satellites, Data and Nature (Arthur Verstenberg, Cell Phone Task Force newsletter) Now, almost anyone can destroy Earth

Challenge Clegg’s Canadian safety Former Microsoft Canada President Frank Clegg challenges President Roger Dean Prevost to show evidence that radiation from the 5G wireless network is safe because many peer-reviewed scientific studies show the opposite.

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Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and advocates internationally for new biological limits for microwave exposure. It is based in Massachusetts and can be reached in [email protected].

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