Mother of three children lose belly fat without abdominal exercises!

Belly fat seems to be The most stubborn part of transformation. But this mommy managed to lose her belly fat, and most importantly…with little or no exercise! Find out how to do it.

Must Read: Mom of 3 Lose Belly Fat Without Abdominal Workouts!

Image source: Provider (Alex’s waistline before and after The Healthy Mummy)

A little about Alex

Before finding a healthy mummy, Alex felt cranky, tired, unhappy and irritable.

Alex says, “before healthy mummy I was in a weird and horrible mess, I was depressed and in pain the whole time. I have tried a lot of food fads and they have failed miserably. I also had serious gut issues, to the point where I spent most of my time on the couch with a heat bag on my back due to the pain.”

Alex revealed that she then started her healthy mummy journey in March 2017. She started using 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge Recipes And get a healthy mummy smoothie to eat breakfast.

“My starting weight was 65.1kg* and was a size 14.

My current weight is 60kg* and I am a size 10! [Before the Healthy Mummy]My waist was 80cm and my stomach was 100cm, now I’m down to 68cm* in my waist and 82cm* in my belly,” Alex admits.

Alex’s Secret Formula

Alex says she eats 6 small meals a day. This includes snacks and healthy mummy juice.

mother reveals, “I will have a smoothie for breakfast, a piece of fruit and some nuts for my morning tea, and I usually have a salad or a wrap for lunch.

For afternoon tea, I usually have a healthy mummy snack, dinner is a small portion of a healthy mummy meal, and afterwards I have a desert meal (like healthy mummy cakes!).”

Healthy mummy juices

Alex says,I don’t think there was any particular juice that helped or targeted [tummy fat]I had a large variety of them all.

“I think they’re all great at changing the weight.”

Set aside 30 minutes to walk every day

Alex admits to walking for 30 minutes every day.

“I honestly think that walking for at least 30 minutes [per day] And making sure I hit 10,000 steps helped tremendously with my weight change.

“Unfortunately, as I’ve had three cesareans (I’m assuming it’s because of a scar) I find it difficult to do many of the abdominal exercises.”

New woman, new stomach!

Alex says about her new body, “I am happier and healthier!”

She shares that since jumping aboard the healthy mummy, she’s felt as if she has a lot more energy and no longer has gut issues.

“My confidence has grown tremendously, although I still have a long way to go, but I no longer feel like I need to hide away under big broken clothes.

“I think the biggest change I’ve made has to be that I finally figured out that food isn’t my enemy, it took me a long time to work on that, but I’m so glad I did.”

Must Read: Mom of 3 Lose Belly Fat Without Abdominal Workouts!

Image source: Supplied (Allexe’s new waist circumference)

What does weight loss mean to lex

“Losing weight means I can finally feel happier in my own skin; I don’t hold back when I look in the mirror. I still have blemishes, I don’t see them the way I used to. Losing weight has also made me a better and more involved mother.”

On finding a support network

Although she felt a little skeptical when she first found the healthy mummy (given all the success stories), she’s really glad she joined us.

“I found healthy mummy It’s very easy to stick to when I’m eating which is great and what I get from the food is so amazing, honestly I never get bored.

“I love smoothies and love the family that Healthy Mummy created. The support system is amazing.”

The best part

When asked what is the best part about a healthy mummy, Alex revealed:

“I think the biggest positive for a healthy mummy is the fact that it not only changed my life for the better but it changed my family’s life!

“My kids learned how to provide their bodies with the right foods, and the healthy mummy was described as so good that they tried it at every meal.

“I sincerely wish I could get everyone to the healthy mummy so they can feel as amazing as I am.”

Must Read: Mom of 3 Lose Belly Fat Without Abdominal Workouts!

Image source: Provider (Alex – Drop Dress Sizes with Healthy Mummy)

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*Photos and references to the kilograms lost are as provided by the individual in the story. The Healthy Mummy assumes that the information and photographs provided are true in nature and is not responsible for any misrepresentations or false claims relating to its software or products.

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