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This is a year-long goal, as my goal was 32kg by the end of the year so I can reach the goal weight (similar to the one in the picture!) One big goal divided into smaller goals. Each small peg represents 1 kg and large pegs 10 kg.

My pledge and Goal 1 are based on the 12-week challenge, as are the monthly plans and weight / measurements. I can’t wait to start! We have these ladies. “

Be a gardner

“The stimulus plate. There are two things to add tomorrow to really finish off your Monday prep! “

Cecily Goodwin

“I’m so excited! I reached my goal of 75 kg 3.5 years ago, and now I’m ready to take it to the next level and lose half of my total weight!

That’s a huge milestone for me, but I know that the 12 week challenge is a perfect opportunity to push myself and get there. My motivational pad is full of my own transformations, to remind myself I can achieve anything I set my mind to! My goal is to lose approximately 10 kilograms to reach that 64 kilogram mark, and I will cross-check the boxes because I lose every one kilogram, to give me a picture of my progress as I progress. “

How to Create a Weight Loss Stimulator

1. Visualize yourself at your desired weight

Ronda Thredgold Motivation Panel

Motivational Board Ronda Thredgold Start by visualizing yourself with your goal weight. Ask yourself:

  • How do you feel about it?
  • Who are you doing this for and why?
  • What makes you happy?
  • What will your life be like when you achieve your goals?

This will put you in a positive frame of mind for the activity.

2. Find motivational panels that inspire you

Jacinda Bell stimulation plate
Jacinda Bell stimulation plate
  • There is no right or wrong way to create your own motivational board.
  • The Weight Loss Motivation Council should “talk to you”. It should be a reflection of your own personality and goals.
  • How much or how little you include on the board is entirely up to you.

3. Collect pictures of the things that make you happy

Nikki Miles stimulus plate
Nikki Miles stimulus plate

Think about what makes you excited and happy and start collecting these items. This could include:

  • Pictures of your children, your family, your wedding day, you are at your desired weight.
  • Inspirational quote.

A picture of a person of the same size whose body you admire. (It’s useless to pin a picture of a mannequin if you are 5 feet tall.)

Moreover, if you are 6 feet tall and have jet-black hair, then Kylie Minogue’s picture probably isn’t the best choice. be realistic! Choose role models who are healthy and whose body or body elements you can fulfill)

  • Calendar or countdown planner.
  • Health or fitness goals (for example, aim for a 5 km run, aim for 30 pushups in one minute).
  • A list or illustrations of the exercises you want to do each day.
  • Pictures of the dress you want to fit (you can also hang a piece of clothing next to your board).
  • A bonus or small rewards when you reach your weight milestones or your goal weight.

4. Gather your supplies

  • Choose the material you want for your plank and where you might want to hang it as this will determine your size. Common options for panels are colored cardboard, cork, hardboard, or white board. If you want a board that you can easily update, a whiteboard or cork board is a good choice.
  • Think about the accessories you want to enhance your painting. These can include pegs, stickers, staples, ribbons, small banners, stickers, colored pencils, craft paper etc. Spotlight, Kmart or Reject shop are great accessory resources.

5. Get creative and design your forum

Motivation panel by Joanna Mattisen
Motivation panel by Joanna Mattisen

Play some music, surround yourself with pictures that make you happy and get creative with glue, scissors and thumbnails. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. You can add to and dispense with it at any time.

6. Hang your stimulus panel in a prominent place

  • There is no point in putting the weight loss stimulator away where you cannot see.
  • Hang it in a prominent place.
  • It is a constant reminder of how far you are progressing and how close you are to achieving your goal.
  • This visual reminder will help keep you focused.

7. Track your progress

Ali Stellar Motivation Council
The stimulus plate on Stellar
  • Record your progress along the way.
  • Wedges are a fun visual reference for indicating lost kilograms. Include two lines on your board. The top line will contain the number of pegs that represent the kilograms you aim to lose (see above). The end result will indicate how many kilograms you have lost. Other mothers created jars with gemstones to track their progress. Find the method that works for you.
  • Write off every day you complete your workout.
  • Give yourself small (non-food-related) rewards for achieving milestones. It could be a night at the movies, getting your nails done, and buying some new coaches.

Now you must be on your way to reaching your goals !!!

Thank you to all the amazing moms at the Healthy Mummy Community for sharing their motivational panels.

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