Mom makes 42 gluten-free meals and snacks for $ 87.20

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Elise Laverne loves to prepare meals.

This healthy mummy, which was A. 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge A member For the past five years, she has shared with us how to create cheap, healthy, gluten-free meals.

Each serving works for just over $ 2 a serving!

Mom makes 42 gluten-free meals and snacks for $ 87.20

Elise’s wonderful gluten-free meals!

“For some, the kitchen is the last place you want to be at the end of a long day of work behind the kids, or a hard day at work,” Elise says.

I’d love to know I have a stockpile of healthy meals in the freezer on nights I don’t have time.

“Now that I’ve worked nights again, it’s great to know that my family always has a wholesome, healthy dinner when I’m not home.. ”

Mom makes 42 gluten-free meals and snacks for $ 87.20

Preparing Elise’s meal:

  1. Lasagna on the stove X 6 Serves. “Now this is a wonderful family I put it full of veggies, so even the veggie eater has a lot of veggies with no clue and loves it. I tweaked the recipe a little bit using coconut milk, GF flour, and GF bars lasagna.”
  2. Lentil and Vegetable Hut Pie x 6 Serves.Another favorite family. This is very good for the budget, and great for using leftover vegetable as well rather than throwing it out. “
  3. Pasta with sausage and vegetables x 8 served. “My kids and partner are always excited when I make this and it’s the first bunker in the freezer to go away.”
  4. Sausage and sweet potato casserole x 6 served. “This is the perfect comfort food. I always allow a slice of sourdough to absorb all the goodness. “
  5. Zucchini cakes x 16 servings. “I modified it for the way I eat now, using almond flour, coconut flour and monk fruit sweetener.”

Mom makes 42 gluten-free meals and snacks for $ 87.20

Elise says,Do you think cooking those meals and snacks costs $ 87.20 (mines are a bit higher and would be cheaper if I didn’t need the gluten-free lasagna bars and sweet potatoes weren’t as cheap as they were when I planned the meals).

“It only took me less than 2 hours! That’s how quick and easy it is. I prepared every meal at the same time, so all the vegetables were peeled / grated, chopped, diced and placed in separate bowls for better time management.”

Mom makes 42 gluten-free meals and snacks for $ 87.20

Elise tips to save money

  1. Preparing meals saves me time and money.
  2. Choosing cheap meals to cook in bulk is a great way to reduce this cost.
  3. By choosing meals that use the same meat as bolognese, shepherd’s pie, and meatballs.
  4. Make sure they are meals you really like, there is nothing worse than cooking a large soup or stew Try it and not enjoy it.
  5. The first store is always the most expensive, just because you buy all the staples. Once you have those necessities in stock, your store cost will decrease.
  6. My biggest money saver is having this pantry in the freezer. When I work at night, my family has no excuse to go and buy takeaway if I have a variety of meals in the freezer.

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