Mistakes you make that could negatively affect exercise performance

When you exercise, you want to give it your all – and while that sounds very easy, it can actually be a challenge if your pre- and post-workout habits are threatening them. And you may not even realize you are making these mistakes, which will make you feel lost and disoriented and may leave you ditching your new fitness plan entirely.

Fortunately, you can avoid this by making sure that your healthy lifestyle is fine and that you serve yourself better before, during, and after workouts. Here are some common accidents to keep in mind, along with what to do instead. With a few adjustments, you will find your energy to recover and you will be able to achieve better results moving forward!

Eat a large amount of the meal right before that

You need a little pre-workout snack to get fuel but you don’t want to overeat. This can cause indigestion, which can lead to cramps and discomfort as you will not be able to perform the exercise with the same stamina and effort that you normally would. Keep it small – and advice? Don’t go for high-fiber foods, like beans or broccoli, as you will get gas!

Work on blank

While eating too much can backfire, you may need something in your stomach to have enough energy to handle those miles or augmentation. Some people are fed to fast before exercise (such as in the morning), but others do not. I definitely don’t! If you’re feeling sluggish and empty, grab a snack for future workouts. Try a banana with a little nut butter.

Getting into your head a lot

If you overthink your workouts, you may put too much pressure on yourself and irritate yourself. Set goals, such as reaching a certain number of miles or reaching higher repetitions of weights, but make sure you are not setting unrealistic goals (too high speed can lead to disappointment or injury!) And that you do not hit yourself to slow down for a moment or take A break between groups.

Don’t go in direction and goals though! Without them, you will not know what you are striving to achieve and you will not have this drive to truly achieve results that you can be proud of.

Have a great rest

Sometimes if we train well enough in a few moves or consistently hit a goal, we tend to stay comfortable and stick with it – however that’s not how we progress and achieve greater success in the long run. Instead of staying in this 3-mile run or using the same weights for several months, tell yourself when you are ready and track for that hike.

Not stretching and healing properly

Apart from just exercising, stretching and nutritional recovery are just as important, as this is how you can gain and protect muscle for positive performance during future workouts. So, take your time getting a foam roller and stretching it for 10-15 minutes after your workout. And eat in just 30 minutes to an hour – Quest Protein Bar will do!

Exercising too much or for too long

If you do the same high-intensity exercise or lift weights every day you put too much pressure on your body and soon you will find yourself suffering from over-training side effects, such as fatigue, poor performance, and even muscle loss. Give yourself a day to rest or do something low-impact and low-intensity on recovery days, such as a leisurely bike ride or a walk in the park


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