Miles Total and the Best of February 2021

Hi! I love it being March 1st Monday – it feels like a double new start. But before I set any goals for the month, I want to sum up the number of miles I ran in February and the best food of the month.

And if you want to track your month in miles or kilometers … I have a great template that you can use for Instagram Stories (and on Facebook). It was saved to a file RunEatRepeat Instagram story highlight Within “Templates” to make it easier.

How to use the Instagram story template

  1. Go to RunEatRepeat Instagram And click on “Templates” in “Highlights”
  2. Click to the right of your phone to skip until you see the device you want to use. (If you go away – click on the left side of your phone to go back.)
  3. Take a picture of the template you want to use.
  4. Go to Instagram Stories to add a post. Choose the form you screen capture.
  5. Click the text “aa” button to fill in your answers.
  6. Logo card Embed a Tweet (For credit and because I like to contact you on IG).
  7. Share it with your followers!

Here’s a sample monthly miles in case you want to use it for your blog or screensaver, but it’s probably easiest to do it directly on IG for sizing purposes.

Miles Instagram run story template

I haven’t counted my monthly mileage since before I broke my foot. And even then I wasn’t doing it consistently because it wasn’t a big deal for me (see: at that time I missed running 2000 miles in one year because I wasn’t tracking the miles).

In any case.

Since the road racing schedule is still unknown and I need something to go through – I decided to go back to basics and check my total cycle and food intake for the month.

February miles notes:

  1. I took a few extra days of rest recently when my knee was bothering me (I think it’s related to my feet messing with my model and needing to reach for a chiro or something to get it in place).
  2. I don’t know how many miles I ran in January because in the middle of the month I started using a new running watch and the old one is now dead. Maybe I’ll look for it later, but it won’t keep me up at night.
  3. I had my watch in my bag and accidentally turned it on in one day so it scored over 31 miles. I don’t think the thing was that I went for a run and forgot to stop it because it happened on a rest day when I was hanging out with my nieces (so they could also press buttons but I don’t. I don’t think so).

Turn on watch Miles Recap Fails

  • January: ???
  • February: 116.24 miles
  • March: To be determined

Overall: This would be a lot of mileage if there were a lot of high-quality running workouts (like fast action, hills, and tempo), but it isn’t. Last week I planned my training at the start of the week and it was tough, but running is fine. Planning is very important to make progress. It was tough and I felt very slow while running the speed, but I know that’s what I have to focus on now.

So I don’t have the mileage goal for March and won’t hit it. I will be planning my training at the start of the week and focus on tempo cycles, easy jogging, long runs, and strength training.

Even though it was a short month, it was also filled with a lot of happiness. My first event of the month featured Dr. Oz’s advice on running in public and mask etiquette.

If you missed check it out here: *Run and repeat on Dr. Geese *

Running tips d.  Geese

Mom’s birthday is Valentine’s Day so we celebrated with my nieces. My mom’s girlfriend gave a huge pinata as a gift a few days before her birthday. Even though it was just my family, we had to fill it with candy and break it down.

My niece has broken everything by herself. That’s cool, isn’t it? When can you be the only one to open a pinata ?!

The best fiesta run
The best running of the Fiesta monthly feed

In other Valentine’s Day news …

Ben is at SoCal now for work and he brings me Valentine’s Day cakes and iced coffee.

Best Running Experience and Frequency Monthly Miles Feb

Another very happy moment for me was getting a manicure and pedicure for the first time since last March (when the pandemic struck). I shared it on IG but it’s hard for me not to have a pedicure at least every 3 or 4 weeks. Wild. I think I’ve gotten at least one a month since high school.

It feels great to get a pedicure and to see that the nail salon has plastic shields and everyone else is wearing masks. I went in the middle of the day on a weekday and it was pretty empty too.

Best Running Summary for February 2021

I wasn’t imagining the before and after photos, but I took this one while I was icing my knee and you could see my toes …

Best Running Experience and Frequency Monthly Miles Feb

To round up the best meals of the month …

Nowhere near has the best Taco salad ‘ – Yes I think ‘Salad’ It has to be quoted because it’s more like a huge taco boat with lettuce. My parents usually split it up when they were gone. And before I got one, my mom was adamant that one person couldn’t finish it.

Um, mom … do you meet us? Do you think this is an amateur watch ??

Best Running Experience and Frequency Monthly Miles Feb

And one night while I was hanging out with Ben, we ordered California Pizza Kitchen. Well I suggested what to get and added a bunch of things to the order.

Best Running Experience and Frequency Monthly Miles Feb

I just realized there are no pictures of Diego on this feed! Well … I’ll be sharing one of them tomorrow. He misses you.

If you want to track your monthly printable mileage – I made this one for you: Monthly mileage tracker program for 2021

2021 Running Miles Tracker is free to print

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