Meet the Cadillac e-bike: The Radwagon 4

The E-bike Boom here. All shapes, sizes, and speeds intersect on the streets, from middle school students who don’t want to depend on mom and dad for horseback riding around town, to elderly athletes with joint pain, to new parents looking to transport their kids in tow. And this is only on paved surfaces. Here in Southern California, he took the e-bike contract hard enough that it is now shocking to see someone wandering down the street on an old-school analog bike. But it is not a surprise. E-bikes are just so fun. Recently, we got a chance to test the ultimate e-bike that fills in the daily driver role for all of our parenting needs: Meet RadWagon 4 from Rad Power Bikes.

Now, I hesitate to call this the e-bike Station Wagon. It’s more advanced, cool and capable than the soccer wagon stickers might suggest. My family loves to refer to it as our Cadillac. This addition has been elevated to our clan of our good legs when it comes to picnics. With two kids in tow, we can climb steep hills, virtually any terrain, and keep up with any other electronic racer … all without breaking a sweat (bonus when you’re a parent in constant chase mode). Anything to make life a little easier is welcomed with open arms. And the easiest addition to the fun is a dangerous complication.

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By the numbers, this pig has a 350-pound payload capacity, is powered by a 750-watt geared hub motor, and can travel up to 45+ miles between charges. You can also customize it with additional accessories. Do you have a couple of children? There is space for two people (of all ages) with many options for seats (including infant / child seats), handlebars, foot pedals and even guard rails.

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If the maximum payload with adventure gear or the daily transportation of groceries and packaged goods is your MO, equip the RagWagon with multiple types of basket, saddle bag, and cargo compartment options. The customer support at Rad Power Bikes sets a new standard when it comes to bike maintenance. You can choose to have them assemble your custom bike and have it delivered right to your home – they’ll even have trained service technology that will take care of every little bit of operation, maintenance, and safety. Heck, they’ll even come back to get a free first tuning after you’ve scored 150 miles.

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Our delivery experience definitely made a strong impression on our customer service. The technology was professional, fit, and adhered to the latest COVID-19 protocol, and it was just a really fun human – an experience that goes beyond the standard worth mentioning.

As for the trip itself, it provides ease around the city without any hindrances. And that means something, living in a coastal town full of hills and steep stairs that Rad Wagon traverses. Choose pedal assist levels from 1 to 5 with 7-speed gears (11 to 34-tooth freewheel), plus the super-piercing throttle pedal that gets us up to 20 mph in a matter of seconds. The gentle, low center of gravity makes it easy to put on and off, and makes the loaded ride feel stable – which is essential when dragging your precious little ones behind you. The tires are smaller (22 inches) and at least slightly wider (3 inches) than other city-oriented e-bike offerings, which increases stability and ensures a ride with a heavy buggy. (He still weighs 76.7 lbs on his own.)

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Details include an easy-to-zoom seat function for quick adjustments and intuitive adjusting the handlebars. Although it is not a lightweight bike in any way, this is not the point; This cart is designed for safe and efficient transportation. I trusted my family with her. So, whether you are a proud parent in an active family, or a beginner biker He can’t leave anything behind – or just a regular racer wanting to transport some friends around town – the dependable RadWagon driving is for everyone.

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