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If you think macros are short for macaroni and cheese or if you need to review what macros are and how paying attention to them can help you achieve a healthy, balanced diet – listen carefully because this episode is packed with information! Before we talk about Macros 101 with Tina Haupert from Carrots n Cake – let’s protect …

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Pay to Eat and Repeat Episode 137 – Warm Up:

Hi!! Hope you have a great day and are ready for a great tour. I have a great offer for you today – but

First, I want to offer a little disclaimer … I’ve been talking about losing weight a lot in Run Eat Repeat. Losing weight was originally one of my main goals. And I think part of what made my site so successful was the fact that I was a real romance girl who struggled for my weight and wanted to share my journey online.

It’s hard to think right now because even though everyone is now on social media and a lot of people can be considered influencers … Instagram And tik tok stars don’t share really embarrassing and embarrassing things.

Yes, a lot of people share unflattering photos now and describe them as “real” or Instagram versus Real Life. But one picture of the fact that you have cellulite isn’t like admitting that you started overeating in college and struggled to quit for years – to the point where you decided to go to treatment because it was so controlling your life.

Seems off-topic but relatable … I say this because even though there have been so many posts on Run Eat Repeat that are so awkward – from the way I talked about food and my body to the tragic photography. But it’s real AF.

It’s an excessive, embarrassing, and embarrassing post – and it’s all been part of my very long journey of losing weight.

And when I lost weight I kept talking about food and weight – thinking healthy. I found a good balance between running and eating and maintained my weight loss for a long time. Of course I got a lot of questions about it – so I wanted to keep talking about it.

But – I also realized that part of what made me hate my body in high school … which led to dieting … led to overeating … – part of what caused this was the diet culture.

Exaltation of diets, weight loss, and specific body sizes – it’s all part of the diet culture. And I don’t want to support that anymore. It made me feel sorry!

And I got to a place where I did not follow without an apology anyone who made me feel bad about my body or what I ate.

Over the past few years, I’ve been through a lot and one of the good things about it is that I’ve become self-conscious. I had to define my motivations through dating, friendships, and social media to maintain my mental health.

So I stopped talking about the diet and weight loss challenges because I didn’t want to excite anyone.

But this has always bothered me because I know many of you want to know how to lose weight in a healthy way and maintain it. I know I can talk about eating a balanced diet in a healthy way. Knowing your body and your nutritional needs is extremely important for a marathon training!

When I discovered my full marathon refueling plan – I changed my run and got a lot faster and was happier because I felt better and it was more fun!

That’s why I asked Tina to be on the show today – she thought this would be a good way to start talking about nutrition in a healthy way. We’re not talking diets or weight loss – we’re talking about macros and how a balanced diet can help you feel better and run better.

This is a great place to start if you are not very familiar with nutrition and is also a great review if you want to check in with yourself and your current diet.

What the contestants should eat

Before we get to the interview – I want to tell you about Tina. I have known her for years and her blog, Carrot N Cake, was one of the first blogs I had ever read. She used to blogging 3 times a day with updates on what she was eating. I found it great because she is from Boston and I am from Southern California, I think everything about this area is interesting and different from my little world.

To bring it to you directly – Tina created one of the most popular blogs of the time. She is very humble, but it was and still is a big problem. We met on some blog trips years ago and she is one of the most beautiful girls I’ve met on a trip like this. We’ve been friends since then.

Now tied to the topic of the day – Tina has a lot of experience and knowledge about fitness and nutrition. She is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P), and Certified Nutrition Trainer. She’s also an author and her latest book was about to come out when we spoke – so we mention it at the end.

I’ll be placing links to Instagram and their website in the demo notes on Run Eat so you can check it out there. Now let’s go to the interview …

What runners should eat macro diet tips

Macros 101 – we discuss:

  • What are macros?
  • How do you relate to a healthy diet?
  • Why should runners be interested in macros?
  • How paying attention to macros can help you work better, faster, and longer
  • What is the best way to start getting balanced nutrition

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  3. friends. I recently met a few longtime friends and it really made my heart happy. Your homework today is texting (or responding to a text message) to a friend just to say something nice. It really means a lot. Remember – the sweet, random act doesn’t have to be towards a stranger, it could be with a friend or family member!

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Enjoy a wonderful tour!

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