Macallan and Bentley Collaborate on a Sustainable Pact

Sustainability usually brings to mind solar panels, reusable bags, and paper straws — not, say, fancy cars or faded scotch. But two icons of cars and whiskey Worlds come together to make sustainability a priority. Macallan Distillery and Bentley Motors aim to prove it luxurious. luxury Values ​​are not an obstacle to commitment to the planet, and to share experiences from their respective fields in the pursuit of environmental progress.

The two heavyweights plan to collaborate on a number of products, content, and experiences. Although details have yet to be revealed, the initiative will include at least one special version of Macallan single barley that reflects the companies’ shared sustainability goals.

Primarily, the partnership will be an opportunity for Macallan and Bentley to share ideas and knowledge from their respective travels. Bentley revealed last November beyond 100, a strategic plan that sets out its goal of becoming fully carbon neutral by 2030. Macallan also aims to achieve carbon neutrality by then. The distillery was awarded the Butterfly Mark by Positive Luxury, a certification that recognizes the brand’s commitment to sustainability throughout its business, last October.

Bentley Hybrid
Bentley Hybrid photo courtesy

The two companies announced the partnership in early July at the Macallan Easter Elchies estate in Speyside, Scotland, simultaneously launching Bentley’s new Flying Spur Hybrid. The model combines a V6 engine and advanced electric motor technology and can reach 60 mph in 4.1 seconds. As part of this collaboration, Macallan will add two Bentley Hybrids to its vehicle collection at the site this year. The distillery’s goal is to have an all-electric passenger fleet by 2025 – something it should be able to achieve as Bentley plans to launch its first all-electric car that year. As part of Beyond100, the automaker will switch to manufacturing electric cars only by 2030.

Macallan’s commitment to the environment has been around for years and is evidenced by efforts to convert all packaging materials into recyclable and sustainable materials. Currently, 98 percent of the brand’s product packaging and 100 percent of transport packaging meet this standard. Even the most luxurious wooden chests, like the ones at The Macallan Red Collection, are FSC certified.

Overall, Macallan has four main components in its sustainability strategy:

  1. Promote sustainable progress in the surrounding community
  2. Nurturing and nurturing Easter Elchies for future generations
  3. Balancing luxury with the environment through responsible packaging
  4. Partnering with sustainable suppliers of wood and barley.

Macallan is not the first single malt Scotch to partner with a luxury car company. Last year, the Islay Bowmore distillery announced a partnership with Aston Martin that featured a $65,000 single malt distilled in 1964. Stay tuned for more updates on this dynamic duo.

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