Low ABV beers with high flavor

Somewhere in the back of our minds, if we’re willing to admit it, there’s an unconscious reaction to lighter beers. Maybe even a little voice is whispering “No Flavor” when we check out ABV’s low-beer offerings. In most cases, this sound is correct. Fortunately, we can correct those insights of course when we learn – and savor – something new and different. So if you are still stuck thinking beer With less than 5 percent ABV not quite up to par, we invite you to try the next six packs, with selections that are not only fairly low in alcohol but somehow manage to score high in the taste department.

Balance Tomorrow the next day pale beer | 4.0%

Low balance abv beer

This pale beer pours a lovely hazy yellow. Once you are done liking it, lift it up to your nose and smell the citrusy scents that resemble pineapples. As for the taste, it is as delicious as it smells. We kept looking at the can, expecting to find a 6 or 7 percent ABV mark with more flavor than you would normally associate with low ABV beer.

Appalachian Mountains Brewery | Low and Fuzzy IPA | 4.1%

Misty Appalachian Mountain Brewery IPA

We’ve had a lot of delicious foggy IPA agencies lately, but we still don’t have one that comes in as low as an ABV like the one at the Appalachian Mountain Brewery. Somehow, though, people in Boone, North Carolina have created a beer that not only has a lot of flavor (juicy, hoppy, and tropical) but isn’t so strong that you rock after just one.

Smithwick & Sons | Red beer | 4.5%

Smithwick & Sons Red Ale

Caramel is the first taste recorded when drinking this beer. It blends well with any type of red meat, but especially, a good burger. Roast chicken, too. In fact, think about it, this beer goes with just about anything, including … another one. Some really unlike A highly attractive beer There, this is seated enough to do so.

Oxbow Brewing Company | Paloma Day Dream | 4.5%

Aploma Daydream oxbow brewing

Craft beer Enthusiasts have been singing the praises of almost anything and everything that comes out of Oxbow Brewing Co. , And they’ll do it again (okay, at least we will) with Paloma Daydream low ABV beer. this is Ale farm It has a little bit of everything in it: grapefruit, sea salt, lime, and agave. But it’s so well assembled that we’re sure you won’t even miss the tequila that makes up the traditional paloma.

12 Bones Fermentation | Stay a golden light lager | 4.4%

12 brewing bones

Many of you have probably heard the name 12 bones Before and that’s because it offers some of the best barbecues in the entire country. Heck, even President Obama is eaten there. The thing is it has a brewery too, which makes a quick name for itself as the place to get delicious beer that matches your plate. Stay Golden Light Lager makes our list a summer staple because it’s pure, refreshing, and high-quality Just Enough amount of lemon and lime to make you feel like you are on the beach.

Casita Brewing Company | This will do the clay | 4.2%

This will make a six-grain pug beer table

We weren’t quite sure what to expect based on the canister’s description as Six Grain Table Beer. But one delicious sip later as we spin the can just to see what’s in it … turns out the magic lies in the chemistry of blanched rye, hulled rice, raw wheat, naked golden oats, salted wheat, 6-row barley and lemon juice and coriander. And New Zealand hops. Fun to say, sure, but incredibly delicious – unique without seeming to be trying too hard – and clocks at only 4.2 percent.

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