“Losing weight isn’t a race, it’s just a journey to better health,” says Shayna, who lost over 14kg and two sizes off the dress.

Weight loss

Shayna Sneddon reveals that she feels like she’s tried every diet out there but nothing seems to be working for her until she’s come across 28 day weight loss challenge I lost 14.2 kg and came down with two sizes of the dress!

“I wasn’t happy with myself, I’ve been overweight since my teenage years and I’ve always blamed hypothyroidism and PCOS for my weight gain, but I knew it was also what I ate,” Says.

“I’ve always had low self-esteem and didn’t put myself out there because I’m a big believer if I can’t live by myself how can anyone else.”Chyna lost over 12 kg and lost two dress sizes

How this gorgeous lady lost over 14 kg and dropped two dress sizes

Adelaide-based Chyna says she was struggling to keep up with the kids at her job and ended up accumulating more weight until she weighed in at 106kg.

“I used to be an OSHC teacher, even though I was still overweight,” Says.

“I used to be able to keep up with the kids and play their sports but I started a new job I still work with the kids but he was always seated so I piled on more weight. At my heaviest I weighed 106kg and was at risk for more conditions. health”.

After subscribing to 28 day weight loss challengeChyna lost 14.2kg in a year and she cut two dress sizes.

“My pants are now 14 and I was 18, I used to be a size 20 in shirts and now I can fit into a 16,” Says.

“I’m fitter and able to walk my fur kids longer and into new areas. On the days I exercise, I sleep better and have lowered my medication thanks to this lifestyle!”

“It’s still hard to see myself as if I look thinner I feel like I can hide it better and it wasn’t until I saw the pictures and realized there was a difference especially in my face!”

SHina’s Three Steps to Success

1. Don’t give up. We’ve all had bad days or even weeks, but just reevaluate and start over.

2. Find what works for you. I did a beginner fitness program for 8 months and it worked for me. The recipes are easy to adapt too, I don’t like Natvia, so replace it with coconut sugar.

3. Every step, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction It took me some time to learn. Don’t focus on the scales and focus on the fact that you walked, exercised, or ate better than the day before and it’s in the right direction.

“Losing weight isn’t a race, it’s just a journey toward better health.”

Join us for our 28 day weight loss challenge today

Do you want to change your baby’s weight but feel like you don’t have time in your day to exercise and eat healthy food? This is where the mummy is healthy 28 day weight loss challengeI can help.

Our challenge involves:

  • 28 Days Home Workout Routine (No Gym Needed) – With Video Instructions
  • Customizable, breastfeeding-friendly meal plans
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  • The challenge combines Pilates, interval and circuit training (HIIT)
  • Suitable for basic to advanced fitness levels.
  • Home to thousands of easy-to-prepare recipes.

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