Lighting Poles and Brain Function Acquisition by Companies in and Near You!

Written by Sarah Aminov, Patricia Burke, Stop 5G International, and colleagues from Safe Tech Santa Rosa

Watch the video below where Julie Watts of CBS affiliate – KPIX – interviews assembly member Bill Kwik about why fire stations are exempt from antenna installations.

One of the best ways that companies can infect municipalities (and human health) is to have “beneficial” law that outweighs community rights and local control. Like the introduction of the smart meter, energy abuse is being tested in state pilot runs in dollars with a collaborative public servant $, (who receives a “$ $ $ gift” from the industry). Then abuses of power like wildfires in California spill over to other states.

When a bill was attempted to bypass community rights for California’s rapid wireless expansion, (SB-649) the effort was rejected by Governor Brown, who opposed it. California Cities Association And the Sierra Club, California. Sierra Club California She also opposed bills to simplify the FCC.

But like the mythical hydra, when you cut off the head, two more grow back. The effort to throw a CA under the bus for the Federal Communications Commission and the Wireless Industry in two new bills.

What is cooked in california? Two pro-industry bills that abuse society, individuals, and property rights. One in the Senate and the other in the House

Take action: Face AB-537! Simplification of the Communications Bill Accelerates Wireless Scaling Presented by Assembly Member Quirk: (The only known legislator is a former rocket scientist and works in the computer industries in Silicon Valley.) Deadline for Suspension In AB-537 it is Thursday, April 8, at noon PDT. The deadline for commenting on SB 556 is April 14 at noon PDT. Post a comment In AB-537, Your lobby Sweetened The government, never give up on municipal oversight. The AB-537 will remove the essential role cities play in organizing their streets and laying antenna by removing the word “municipality” in relation to wireless infrastructure from the state constitution. California residents scroll down the article for the steps for action! If you do not live in California– Contact a city association or municipal union in your state and advocate for local control protection, property values, zoning and environmental protection. AB-537 specifies that it does not apply to fire department facilities. Ask why! (Remember the brain damage that firefighters suffered when cellular antennas were placed on fire houses ??? in the video)

Theater is being set up for Telecom to expedite orders if California Wireless infrastructure is no longer recognized as a “local affair” Subject to restrictions and restrictions that can be imposed by cities and towns (AB-537), or Telecom now has uncontrolled access to any traffic light, traffic signal, utility pole, or support structure (SB-556)Imagine, how much power Big Wireless will steal from local governments and who we are the people! Thank you in advance for quick action!This is a critical environmental issue, as is the issue of public health and democracy.

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Reminder: Please focus your comments on local control, not health concerns.

In their 2018 report, Consumer controlJulie Watts and Abigail Sterling noted, “While many people are looking for faster cellular service, many are also asking: Are there legitimate health concerns?”[1]

Hayward Association member Bill Quirk stated, “5G could be a huge leap for the state of California but only if it could be rolled out quickly and easily.” Quirk co-authored legislation that would make it harder for cities like Piedmont to veto the tower. He said, “I know scientifically that these cell phone towers are safe to set up.”. Quirk was asked, “Do you think maybe you should consider putting a stop to legislation that speeds up these towers until there is conclusive evidence of no harm?” His answer: “We can do a lot of studies and there are now people who believe that or not who are sure that the world is flat.”

As Consumer Watch reported, “The International Firefighters Association began opposing cell towers at fire stations, after firefighters complained of health problems. “These firefighters have had symptoms,” says Dr. Gunnar Husser, who conducted an experimental study on firefighters at a station with cell towers. “Symptoms included memory problems, problems with intermittent confusion, and problems with weakness,” Heizer said. Brain scans indicate that low-level radiofrequency can cause cell damage, Heuser says, and he is concerned about the most vulnerable such as children. “We found abnormal brain function in all of the firefighters we examined,” Hoser said.

With the many health and safety issues surrounding 5G, voters may question whether decision-makers need to check their heads. Or is it their bank account that needs checking? Hayward Society member Dr. Bill Quirk, this is not rocket science. How much money toT-Mobile VerizonAnd CTIA, And the like in California policies … with low latency, lightning speed, and no safety studies?

Wireless facilities must remain under the control of the “municipality”! Don’t let the small cell spread RUSH State… OPPOSE AB-537

Action Steps for California Residents AB-537

  • Contact your assembly representative. Ask to vote NO on AB-537 when it comes to voting. Get a rep contact information:
  • Contact your local government(City council or city council) and ask them to call California City Association to register opposition to AB-537. The League has already emerged in opposition to the SB-556 (End to end), But not yet submitted a site on the AB-537, which is no less important than the SB-556! Here’s the link to the California City Association: phone numbers And legal advocacy contact information. (The League’s mission is “To expand and protect local control of cities through education and advocacy to improve the quality of life for all Californians.”) Here prof Link To AB-537 at the university’s website:
  • Important: April 8 at noon (Thursday) to provide comments to the CA Communications and Outreach Committee Here. Instructions for submitting a letter to the committee:

Talking points:

  • Stop Telecom From Accelerating Small Cell Deployment And Upgrades To Telecom Infrastructure! Allow local municipalities to control schedules for updates and modifications.
  • Request support for municipal services via the Internet. Optical fibers into and across buildings are the only real way to end the digital divide.
  • Municipal internet utility services should be fiber, and decision-making should be local and not central to legislators in industry pockets.
  • Optical fiber is the only real way to end the digital divide, and the safest.

SB-556: Submitted to the California Senate, This act that would grant Telecom uncontrolled access to any street sign, traffic signal, utility pole, or support structure. Please see the flyer to learn more about the SB-556. This is a reinstatement of a bill (SB-649) that passed both houses in California but was rejected on October 15, 2017 by Governor Brown. We need to defeat this again! The deadline for committee comments to be heard is Wednesday, April 14 at noon.

SB-556 California Residents Action Steps: Post a Comment SB 556; There is no communications control over street lighting!

SB-556: This bill was submitted to the California Senate that would essentially give Telecom uncontrolled access to any traffic light, traffic signal, utility pole, or support structure.

Talking points for SB-556:

  • The SB-556 removes local authority regarding communications access to power poles, street signs, traffic lights, and support structures.
  • Decreases property values.
  • We need to support the fibers to and from the building.
  • Keep your locally controlled income flowing. This bill would prohibit municipalities from creating optical fibers in buildings as locally managed and regulated facilities that can be a source of income and can be used to support Internet services for disadvantaged neighborhoods and rural areas. Faster, safer, safer, more reliable in wind and weather and with multiple users, the best way to eliminate the ‘digital divide’ now and in the future
  • If you want security included, remember that we’re not trying to convince them that the wireless connection is not secure (although we know the risks).

for more information: http: //



Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and advocates internationally for new biological limits for microwave exposure. It is based in Massachusetts and can be reached in [email protected].

See the archive of Patricia Burke’s articles for the rest of this Earth Day 5G series.

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