Life Insurance and Covid-19; Something that doesn’t make sense

by Jeff HarrisAnd the The Ron Ball Institute

You might think that during the worst pandemic since the Spanish flu in 1918, life insurance companies were hedging their bets to avoid the heavy losses from Covid-19. I hadn’t written Life Politics in several years, so I was wondering what’s going on? I called one of my brokers who deal with hundreds of big life insurance companies to get an inside look at how the Covid crisis is changing their business.

Imagine my surprise when she said business was pretty much as usual! Last year, when the hysteria was just escalating, she said the companies had temporarily tightened their IPO and cut the amount of coverage they would be offering. But with the passage of time and the difficult data rolling in those same companies returned to business as usual.

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I specifically asked her if life insurers wanted to test Covid as part of the underwriting process and she said nothing she was aware of. Well that’s interesting isn’t it? The deadliest epidemic in decades is descending on the world with deadly spikes that have claimed the lives of millions of innocent people and life insurance companies do not care about this.

I also asked if the CPM had increased due to Covid and again said no. The rates were largely the same as before the Covid pandemic ravaged the earth. Life insurance companies are very risky. They don’t like losing money to unnecessary claims. The fact that they treat Covid as a non-event should be an indication that something is very wrong with the entire narrative.

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