Krystal vowed to lose 6kg but lost over 11kg in just 12 weeks

How cool does Crystal- Joy McGuire look?

This Grafton-based mum lost 11.1 kg in just 12 weeks on The Healthy Mummy’s 12 week challenge!

Krystal was watching 28 day weight loss challenge Since the end of April 2021 but already started when the 12 Weeks Challenge started in May 2021.

“I decided to join as I saw a full length picture of me on our vacation in April 2021 and it was so horrible that I said I couldn’t look like that anymore and that my son needed a healthy mother to keep up with it and not to be an embarrassment to my son,” Says.

It’s amazing how much Crystal lost in just 12 weeks

Krystal says her vow was to give her everything and not give up. Also try new foods and be more positive. Her goal was to lose 6 kilos, so she has exceeded her goal!

“Over the years, I’ve tried just about every weight loss program, and they’ve never delivered results the way The Healthy Mummy did,” recognize.

“To me, this is the only weight loss program that can deliver and it has delivered on its promise to help lose weight.

“I think by pledging to change the way I think, it has helped me focus more and the rewards of weight loss and more energy.”

So far Crystal lost:

Bust – 6 cm

Waist – 13.5 cm

Hips – 12 cm

thighs – 3 cm

2 arms – 1 cm

“In the past 12 weeks, I’ve felt better inside and out, have more energy, and don’t have the clutter and tension in my head,” Says.

“I’ve had a lot of compliments because I look great, my skin looks great, and I look happier. I’ve noticed in the gym that I’m getting stronger and stronger and the weights are getting heavier and I’m actually taking more intense workouts.”

What Crystal Eats Every Day:

breakfast: healthy mummy juice

Snack: Cruskits, tomatoes and cheese

lunch: healthy mummy juice

Snack: Healthy Mummy Pizza Roll

Dinner: Healthy mummy meal with meat and vegetables

Snack: Healthy mummy slice or tart

“We just eat healthy mummy recipes Now they are wow. Everyone in the family eats it,” Says.

“I absolutely love smoothies, love them all, but my favorite is the premium double chocolate!!! So smooth and creamy I don’t need to add anything to it, it is so filling.”

“The 12 Week Challenge kept me engaged and focused with the group and I loved all the tips and posts during the challenge but even though it’s over, I won’t stop. I will keep moving forward and stay focused.”

Join us for our 28 day weight loss challenge today

Do you want to change your baby’s weight but feel like you don’t have time in your day to exercise and eat healthy food? This is where the mummy is healthy 28 day weight loss challenge I can help.

Our challenge involves:

  • 28 Days Home Workout Routine (No Gym Needed) – With Video Instructions
  • Customizable, breastfeeding-friendly meal plans
  • Time-Saving Workouts for Busy Moms – Under 30 Minutes
  • The challenge combines Pilates, interval and circuit training (HIIT)
  • Suitable for basic to advanced fitness levels.
  • Home to thousands of easy-to-prepare recipes.

To learn more about the 28-day weight loss challenge, click here.

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