KFC bets on vegan nuggets amid nationwide poultry shortage

by Tyler Durden

Kentucky Fried Chicken offers a new vegan future for the fast food chain amid poultry shortages and the ongoing disruption caused by the virus pandemic.

The president of KFC in the United States, Kevin Hochman, was preparing the Louisville fast-food chain, known for Finger-Lickin’ Good chicken, for the future of vegan meat. The company is testing vegan nuggets from Beyond Meat in select locations but has not yet taken them nationwide.

Poultry shortage disrupting chicken supply chains United kingdom And in the US, it may be that Hochman brought a bogus-choice repeat chicken to market faster than expected to alleviate supply problems. The shortage is so severe in the United States that the company cannot promote tenders for rusk chicken US TV.

Leslie Button Bloomberg He said Kentucky Fried Chicken is preparing for what appears to be an inevitable future for fake chicken into the mainstream. He sat down with the CEO of Kentucky Fried Chicken to discuss more about fake nuggets.

“Our plan is to try to replicate Kentucky Fried Chicken as soon as possible, obviously without using the animal. A lot of that has to do with how chicken cuts and tears and mouth feels. The gold standard is chicken tenderloin or chicken fillet,” Hochman told Patton, adding that millennials are more Receptive to vegetarian meat.

He continued, “We are very optimistic about that. We don’t think the plant is a fad, we think this is something that will continue to grow over time.”

However, selling vegan can be tricky for a fast food chain. The C-suite employees at their Louisville headquarters are more than just about anyone else in their target audience and shouldn’t deviate from the norm: Finger-Lickin ‘Good’ chicken. Convincing someone in Central America to eat fake meat for real meat can be a tough sell.

In the meantime, fake chicken nuggets could be the answer for KFC to alleviate supply problems.

Source: ZeroHedge

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