Jennifer Connelly enters the danger zone in Top Gun: Maverick

Academy Award winner and one-time Jennifer Connelly co-starred with The Afterburner, Sky Duels and Tom Cruise in this year’s brightest reboot, Top Gun: Maverick. The actress talks about flying an old fighter plane,

The basics

  • Age: 51
  • Hometown: Brooklyn
  • Social media: “I’m not on it. I’d rather be where I am.”
  • Post-pandemic dream: “A big group dinner with friends.”
  • Post-pandemic destination: “Anywhere”.

You star in one of the most awaited sequels ever, Top Gun: MaverickWhich will be released in cinemas on November 19. How did it feel to be a part of a huge movie franchise?

High octane. I’ve tried things I’ve never had before – motorcycles and sailboats. I flew in a vintage WWII fighter plane with Tom Cruise piloting it. Tom asked if I had done anything Acrobatic flight. I said, “No… am I going?” He said we were going to do some easy laps and started the engine. The flames erupted, which is apparently normal, but I certainly wasn’t expecting it.

after the original Best In 1986, the Navy claimed that enlistment had increased by 500 percent. Was flying with Cruise in its heyday an interest in marine aviation for you?

No, in fact, when I made this movie, I had recently been talking about my extreme fear of flying. full sweating and crying while disturbance– It was torture. I decided my fear was unbearable because I had to travel for my job. You have overcome this pressure in time Top Gun: Maverick. My family thought the timing was pretty funny.

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You have never met Tom Cruise before in this movie. How did it feel to work with an actor whose official resume describes him as a “global cultural icon”?

I’ve never come across anyone so excited about every shot. Tom puts everything he has into everything he does. For our example, we have a sequence on a boat. Tom looked at him and said, “That’s not cool enough. How can we make it more exciting for the fans?” We shot again with a faster boat in stronger winds. Now you see it and – it’s intense. We rise across the sea.

It looks like you’ve gone into your personal “danger zone”.

a lot of things about Best You feel the symbol of time, and the song “Danger Zone” is one of them. I would say I stood on the edge of the danger zone. I walked in the ocean.

Tell us about your character, Benny Benjamin, who wasn’t in the original movie. Did you get a title like Ice Man or Goose?

Penny is an independent, optimistic woman, half full of glass. She’s someone who’s known Maverick for a while. They have a history together. But no title. Only pilots get nicknames, and she works in a bar.

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“I stood on the edge of the danger zone. I walked into the ocean.”

We’ve been trapped inside for a year. Here we hope we can see it Top Gun: Maverick In actual cinema.

I had the good fortune to watch a show in the theater with my family. There was no one else there, so I missed this crowd experience. But there was a huge IMAX screen, and not just our TV. My 9-year-old daughter, Agnes, was bouncing in her seat the whole time. Then we all said, “Wow, we missed out on the theater experience so much.”

Going to franchise buying stand?

Honestly, I’m not a snack bar at blockbuster movies. I don’t know how to make this answer more interesting. I confess compulsive. And I’m bad at bullshit. So, no… I’m not that big popcorn eater.

You and your husband, Paul Bettany, who plays the lead WandaVisionIt looks like it will hit the zeitgeist sweet spot in 2021.

We feel proud to do the jobs we do and love the time we spend working on those projects. If the audience enjoys it, this is the gilding of tulips.

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