Israel conducts COVID ‘genetic survey’ of all air passengers

by Tyler Durden

The most in the world ‘A highly vaccinated nation’, Israel, is struggling to keep coronavirus infection rates low, despite enacting some stricter rules and requirements for its residents, including rolling out one of the first versions of the Vaccination permit to visit public places, which should be “refreshed” every six months or so based on the booster shot schedule.

Now Israel will go to an end To conduct a “genetic scan” of travelers coming to the country. It is a huge and experimental high-tech step in screening incoming passengers for coronavirus infections at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced at his cabinet meeting Sunday, confirming plans to eventually deploy to Ben-Gurion. “We are working on a survey system for everyone who comes to Israel,” Bennett said. The statements were reportedly not intended to be made public, but were leaked to local Israeli media.

“This is how Israel will become the radar of the virus,” he said. he added. However, no further details have been provided about how “genetic scanning” works, nor whether there is an opt-out mechanism. This is the Covid passport, which Israel calls “Green Corridor” – May be linked to a definitive system of forced genetic testing at international travel points.

The technology, which would undoubtedly be highly controversial given privacy concerns, is being discussed as part of Israeli efforts to prevent more Covid variants from entering the country, such as Times of Israel Describe:

Bennett expressed his support for Social Equality Minister Merav Cohen, who warned against this “The next alternative will come to Israel through Ben-Gurion,” He said the proposed genetic test would help prevent this from happening.

Traditionally, since the beginning of the epidemic, airports have often monitored passengers’ temperatures with a quick and simple thermometer scan of their foreheads, but Israeli health officials are now looking for a method that might give more certainty about whether or not someone has the virus, Especially if they are carrying a different type.

Again, although it remains unclear exactly how genetic scanning will work, it does beg the question of what genetic/DNA data will be preserved for each individual. The initiative suggests that for any foreign traveler entering Israel, they will have to agree to hand over their personal genetic data to be stored by the Israeli government at all times.

Source: ZeroHedge

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