Is olive oil good for you?

Is olive oil good for you?This is probably not the question that pops into your mind when you grab that bottle of olive oil to cook in it.

Olive oil is everywhere, after all. It’s the go-to oil for just about any recipe, whether you’re cooking something delicious or baking something sweet (a lemon olive oil cake, anyone?).

But is olive oil good for you?

Let’s review the basics to find out what makes olive oil so healthy and why moderation is key when adding it to your diet.

A bottle of olive oil

What is olive oil?

Extra virgin olive oil (also referred to as “EVOO”) extractor By squeezing ripe olives without using chemical solvents or high heat.

This process protects the beneficial phenols in the oil, which are also alike Matter That gives olive oil a fruity and pungent flavor.

“The difference between olive oil and virgin olive oil is how they are processed, with EVOO being the least processed,” says Brittany Kramp, MPH, RD at Savor the nutrition.

Regular olives can be heated or chemically treated to extend their shelf life. It might be so Mixed with other oils For a milder flavor. Because virgin olive oil is less processed, it is high in antioxidants and is more delicious. Both options are fine, but I recommend using pure olive oil because of its high concentration of antioxidants. ”

If you are buying olive oil for its health benefits, then consider using olive oil.

Most of the studied health benefits Connected For this type of olive oil. For the rest of this post, when we say “olive oil,” we’re actually referring to EVOO.

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Nourishing olive oil

So, is olive oil good for you? Yes, but with a caveat: olive oil is a healthy alternative to the other fats you currently take in. But it doesn’t have to be a good idea to add More Fats are in your routine, especially if your goal is to lose weight.

Keep in mind that olive oil is not the only source of healthy fats.

If you prefer to try a different cooking oil, read on The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Oils To help you figure out the best option for your diet and lifestyle.

All oils are calorie-dense, even olive oil. Here’s an olive oil feed for 1 tablespoon serving:

A small bowl of olive oil with balsamic vinegar

Benefits of olive oil

1. Olive oil is an essential ingredient in the Mediterranean diet

this is Diet It is the food culture of people who live along the Mediterranean (think: Greece and Italy). US News The Mediterranean Diet is classified as a no. 1 Best overall diet for 4 years in a row.

Since olive oil 20% of calories In this diet, it is not surprising that the oil deserves some shine!

2. Olive oil contains healthy fats

In olive oil, there is a lot of fat Oleic acid, a Monounsaturated fats. Crump explains that studies show that consuming olive oil regularly can support heart health.

3. Olive oil contains antioxidants

Contains olive oil Vitamin E., An antioxidant that can help reduce the harmful effects of free radicals. Phenols are another unique antioxidant to olive oil.Oleuropein And the Tyrosol.

4. Olive oil may provide other benefits

that Early animal study It has been shown that olive oil may help improve cognitive health. In the study, mice that ate a food rich in olive oil (EVOO) showed better memory and learning.

Add to this a A randomized control trial From 522 human participants; The study found improved cognition in the group assigned to eating a Mediterranean diet rich in pure olive oil.

We can’t jump to conclusions based on just two studies, but there appears to be an emerging relationship between olive oil and brain health.

How much healthy olive oil daily?

Olive oil is considered a healthy fat, and it is okay to consume it daily. Experts recommend that fat be formed 20-35% Of total calories per day.

All of these benefits shouldn’t lead you to indulge in olive oil – oils are still the most calorie-dense food you can eat.

Pour olive oil into a pan

Why olive oil could be harmful to you

It may be better to leave the olive oil on the shelf and choose another Frying.

This high-heat cooking method can cause the polyunsaturated fats in the oil to oxidize, destroying the nutrients and creating carcinogens.

Any oil heats over it Smoke point (The temperature that starts to emit smoke) can decompose.

Extra virgin olive oil has a smoke point of 350 degrees Fahrenheit, which means it’s good for dressing salads, pickles, and possibly baking or light frying.

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