Is digital transformation the right step for your fitness career?

Given the challenges of the past year and all the attention that digital transformation has garnered, you might feel as if you don’t have a choice. Here’s something to relax your mind: Entering the world of digital fitness is Not Necessarily it must be done. While providing digital options can really boost your business, and potentially increase your reach and revenue, you should consider your target market, and how you can best support your client’s goals. And the Your reasons for doing the work before you move. Here are some questions to explore to determine if digital transformation is the right step for you.

1. Who is your target market?

First, it is important to define and understand your target market. Who are you doing your best with? Who do you care most? Who have you worked with in the past? And who are you most excited to work with in the future?

Once you know the answer to these questions, it is imperative to determine the location Target market members Be. Have you embraced digital? If so, do they use digital as a solution or supplement? Did they return to personal activities? Will they do?

Keep in mind, if you discover your target market is being Online, this still doesn’t necessarily entail meeting you there. Knowing if this is where the most desirable customers appear is the first step in determining whether digital transformation is right for you.

2. How can you better support your client’s goals?

Next, you must be clear about how the work you do supports your client’s goals and how the products you offer can enhance specific results..Customers may be more likely to achieve the results they are looking for by consuming or using your products.

Outcomes are pain points that the target market seeks to relieve or desires. You may have thought about this in the past, or maybe this is the first time you have thought of talking about what you do with these terms. Take some time to consider the comments you typically receive from clients or participants about the work you do. You may remember hearing, “You helped me get stronger,” “Your classes increase my energy,” “Her training changed my relationship with my body,” or “Your hint gives me the confidence I never got.”

Once you know the first way in which you support achieving the goal (probably the way you hear it a lot), think about how to do it Provide this support. This is your “secret sauce” and identifying it may take some deep thinking. Avoid jumping to the conclusion that delivery (in person, for example) is how results are achieved. Think deeper – is it how much you do, the programming you provide, or the mentoring or accountability that you provide?

After determining what it takes to achieve this result, you will need to determine if this can be done in digital format. If so, you should too Explore the tools and knowledge you’ll need to present it digitally. Take into account the time and associated expenses to ensure that the return on your investment will be beneficial.

3. What is your why?

Finally, you will need to consider why you are doing this job. What brings you joy? What is your biggest motivation to serve your target market?

Motivation comes in many shapes and sizes. For this conversation, let’s narrow it down to three broad categories. Money (Supporting yourself or your family or saving for a rainy day) can be your driving force. It could also be clap (Knowing that you did a good job, or are respected or appreciated.) It could also be Please service (Seeing customers reach their goals, delighting participants, and empowering customers).

Everyone prioritizes these key stimuli differently. The order in which you place these stimuli will make digital more or less attractive. For example, if “applause” is an important factor in your overall satisfaction, you will need feedback, interaction and connection, which can be more difficult online. It is certainly possible, but you need to explore how to include this in your plans if necessary.

Additional considerations

I also want to encourage you to understand the potential unintended consequences of digital. At the moment everyone is talking about the positives, and they’re all very convincing. You may be looking to solve problems for yourself or your clients, but you must ensure that the investment or trade-offs for digital transformation do not outweigh the perceived benefits.

For example, you might be intrigued by the flexibility that digital technology can provide. Working out when and where you want versus driving to the gym every day is a plus. To take full advantage of this, you need to be ready to go wherever you want, which may require an investment in resources such as hardware and necessary equipment, as well as Wi-Fi access and adequate space setting that displays a professional image.

Digital technology can save you time, whether it’s driving time to and from the gym or clients, or even the time when you may have to “wait” between clients. But the transition to digital work and preservation of the digital business will require more time to prepare and present sessions or classes. You will need, for example, to spend some time learning the ins and outs of your unique marketing needs and technical requirements. This brings me to my last consideration.

Do you have the know-how? Not that you need to know how to do all of this from the start, but if you don’t currently have the knowledge about running your online business, could you make time to learn? Or are you ready to dedicate resources to outsourcing?

While digital technology is undoubtedly attractive and an emerging opportunity to develop the fitness industry, you must take the time to determine if this is the right move for you. There are many resources available to help you build a digital business and a world waiting to get you moving.

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