Information about the 2021 Olympic marathon and the inspiration of the American marathon

  • The Women’s Marathon Final takes place on August 6 at 3PM PST / 6PM EST [*that’s Aug 7 – 7am in Tokyo]
  • The men’s marathon final takes place on August 7 at 3PM PT / 6PM EST [*that’s Aug 8 – 7am in Tokyo]

You can watch it live on NBC and USA or record it later on Peacock. I am trying to confirm if it will be streamed live on YouTube or Peacock premium. Since it’s a long-running event compared to most others, I’m not sure there will be continued coverage.

You can’t watch it in person – spectators along the track have been banned by officials due to Covid19 safety.

Note: The time zone in the table below is Eastern Time.

2020 Olympics Marathon Schedule
2020 Olympics Marathon Schedule

Tips and inspiration from US Olympic marathon winners

Olympic marathon inspiration

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet so many amazing professional marathon runners, including Dina Castor and Mbe Keflesigi. Castor won the bronze medal in the women’s marathon at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece. Keflezighi won the men’s marathon silver medal at the 2005 Olympics in Athens, Greece. Both of them are highly ranked players after that (it’s just that the Olympics is the topic of the day)!!

I’ve also read both of their books and want to share some of my favorite parts from both of them. These are not your usual running books – I recommend them both. I’ve listened to all of them on Audible and I think they listen really well while running!

Dina Castor’s book is Let Your Mind Run: A Memoir of Reflecting on My Path to Victory

Mibe Kflzighi’s book is 26 Marathons: What I Learned About Faith, Identity, Running, and Life from My Marathon Career

Inspiration from marathon runners

Yes, Kastor and Keflezighi are amazingly talented runners, but they also work hard and persevere through tough times. Both had to overcome injuries early in their sports careers. This requires heart, perseverance and a positive attitude.

Dina Castor broke her foot during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China and was forced out of the race.

Meep Keflezighi broke his hip during the 2008 Olympic trials. Tragedy occurred during the race, and his close friend Ryan Shay suffered a heart attack and died.

And remember that this is their job. Running is something they love and how they pay their bills. Which makes it very difficult to remain positive in the face of adversity.

So, even though you might not be an Olympian, a Boston qualifier, or even a marathon runner — you can probably tell if you’ve ever struggled to beat an injury or chase a goal.

Success is determined by how you deal with setbacks.

Some of my favorite inspirational quotes from these books are…

marathon inspiration

“If you think you are weak, then your body’s biochemistry is subject to it and undoubtedly manifests itself. If you think you are strong, no matter your weight and bone density, your body undoubtedly reflects it.” – Dina Castor, let your mind run

“It was only after experiencing positive thoughts as a professional that I realized how the nature of my thinking affected the quality of my work. Every time I shifted my attention away from something negative and put it on something positive, I felt my body slacken, my stride opened and my confidence soared.” – Dina Castor, let your mind run

“Every aspect of running, from the pain it causes to the weather conditions, gave me a choice: Is this an idea that will slow me down? Or can I find a perspective that will speed me up?” – Dina Castor

“Find an idea that serves you best.” – Dina Castor

Marathon inspiration quotes

“More than any other event, the marathon is about perseverance, toughness, and daily trying to get the most out of yourself.” – MEP KFLYZEIJI 26 marathons

“Long distance running is not a sport for people who crave instant gratification.” – Mibe Kflighi

“You don’t have to swing around looking for fences in everything you do. Speed ​​control can be an effective, low-stress way to not only run your fastest but reach your full potential in many areas of life.” – MEP KFLYZEIJI 26 marathons

marathon inspirational quotes

The moral of this story (I mean, a blog post) is – run a tough marathon.

Do your job. Give yourself credit for every little victory. Stay positive.

Keep going!

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